Rainy Day Makeup

The key to rainy day hair is simple. Jeremy Scott, king of kitsch and boombox-shaped eye palettes, cracked that code back in 2014: Simply layer a deep-conditioning treatment on thick and go out in public. (Bumble’s While You Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Treatment is the professional, certified, failsafe recommendation for this.) Easy to slick back, heavy enough to last throughout the day, and good for your hair to boot.

The key to rainy day makeup is…there is no key. As long as you have an umbrella and maybe some waterproof mascara for the humidity factor, your makeup should be good to go. But journey with us for a moment. Overcast sky calls for some bright saturation somewhere else. Take that moisture and translate it into the perfect highlight. Keep colors juicy and fresh. Plump up your face with hydration and delicious cream formulas. Water coloring might be for kids, but this is very much for you, your super adult sensibilities, and your highly mature lifestyle. Nice to know that your hobbies can grow with you.

Misty Downs (IMG) photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Ingeborg. Hair by Matthew Tuozzoli. Styling by Tchesmeni Leonard.


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