Subtle Spring Sparkle When You Don’t Want to “Go Big” With Glitter

MAC Oh So Gilty Dazzleshadow

Am I in my 40s? Yes. Do I still love wearing glitter? Yes… Is there a way to reconcile both of these things without 1) trying too hard or 2) looking like I’m trying too hard?

Let’s find out, haha! 🙂

Last weekend I went to a Sunday lunch at a fancy brunch place in town with the new members of the moms group I belong to, and I was really excited to go because when do I ever dress up anymore and enjoy a meal that doesn’t involve me getting food on myself as I feed or pet a little animal?

Answer: hardly ever.

I wanted to do something that felt a little glamorous and special, but, you know, for lunch, so I still wanted it to be somewhat reserved.

This look took 10 minutes, and I can confirm that it only took 10 minutes because that’s exactly how much time I had to put on makeup before I had to leave the house.

I’m finding it so hard to connect with new people in real life as I get older, but I’m really trying to put myself out there.
new member luncheon
The veggie frittata was pretty good.

Of course, the original plan was to take my time and enjoy the process, leisurely get ready (that’s half the fun of going out, right?), but as usual, even though I woke up super early and had a detailed checklist, everything came down to the wire.

I had to be out of the house by 11:15. At 10:45, I still hadn’t gotten dressed (which is another story, oy!) or done my makeup and hair.

view fromm hilltop
The view from Hilltop 1892 in Novato (I also went there for Easter brunch one year and for my birthday one year.)
new member lunch moms
You don’t even know how excited I was to talk to other adults in person.

So, yes, this look DOES come together really quickly, in case you were thinking, “Eh, I don’t have time for that!”

For the subtle shimmer, I used two of my current faves from the MAC Dazzleshadow line, which I patted on my lids with a finger. A few flecks fell onto my cheeks, but overall the fallout with these shadows is so minimal, and I usually just incorporate it into the look. 🙂

mac oh so gilty dazzle styel
I like how you can only see the glitter when I blink or look down.

dutch braid messy bun
5-minute hair: a messy dutch braid with a braided low bun

There was a split second when I thought about adding even MOAR glitter using a layer of MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass on top of the nude lip, but I didn’t want to deal with it wearing off unevenly as I ate lunch.

That, and I thought the matte lip would complement the glimmering skin.

This is one of those looks I’d also wear on a date, or to go sightseeing with friends or family, or on any other random Tuesday when I felt the urge to wear the sparkly stuff but didn’t want to “go big.”

spring sparkle tutorial

TOOLS (products I used are in italic)


  1. Apply face primer and eye primer; air dry for a few minutes while you work on other parts of your makeup
  2. Curl your lashes, then coat with a thin layer of the waterproof mascara; after it dries, apply another layer or two for extra oomph
  3. Fill in your brows with the brow gel
  4. Line your lash lines and/or water lines with the brown eyeliner
  5. Sweep bronzer into your crease and along the lower lash lines
  6. Pat the bronze and gold glitter on your lids with a finger
  7. Apply and blend the sheer face tint, starting from the center of your face and blending outward
  8. Conceal any dark circles and/or any areas where you want more coverage with concealer
  9. Set concealer and face tint with powder
  10. Blend bronzer on your cheekbones, around the edge of your face, and across the bridge of your nose
  11. Mix the blush and highlighter together, and dust lightly on the apples of your cheeks
  12. Apply the rosy matte liquid lipstick to your lips
  13. Finish by misting your face with the setting spray

Now, have a wonderful lunch/rest of your day. Go forth with subtle shimmer. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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