Saturday Surfing, April 28th, 2018

A while back Kate Spade had “Eat Cake for Breakfast” emblazoned on tees, dishcloths, mugs and other products, and while I generally agree with this philosophy, eating chocolate for breakfast seems like an even better idea. 🙂

I might do it today because my folks brought back this delicious-looking European chocolate! They just got back from a trip to Germany and Hungary (they’re both retired and love to travel), and when they asked me if I wanted any souvenirs, the first thing that came outta my mouth was “chocolate!”

I don’t know what any of these things say, but I’m thinking that these wafers are gonna be delicious with my coffee!

It’s going to break my heart to mess up this set…

The little chocolates are individually wrapped and have different pretty pictures. Let’s see how long I can hold out, LOL! I do have to say that the presentation makes it hard to dig into these…

My parents also got me the fringed floral wine- and peach-colored scarf in the background. It reminds me of a beautiful older woman I used to see walking around the Outer Sunset in SF when I lived there.

There’s a large Eastern European community out there, and I’d always see this woman walking up and down Geary Street wearing a scarf wrapped around her head and shoulders that looked just like this one. She was so cute.

On that note, while I dig into these chocolates (but maybe not the picture ones), here are some interesting articles I came across this week. There are some good ones!

Seattle has a mermaid community (no, really!). Here’s what it’s like to hang out with them.

One of my favorite old-school slow jams, “Always and Forever” by Heatwave, is epic in this live performance.

Just a really cute baby elephant having a good ol’ time chasing birds

I want to make this strawberry tres leches cake!

Have a great rest of your weekend, ‘k? 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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