Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 501

Happy Mother’s Day, or, as Tabs calls it, “Employee Appreciation Day.” Today he granted me an audience with himself, which I enjoyed very much. We sat and read together and watched birds on the front steps.

*sigh* He’s not my little kitty boy anymore. 🙁 He’s a captain of industry, and he doesn’t have as much patience as he used to. Now he’s all about productivity when it comes to…pretty much everything, LOL. When we’re outside, he doesn’t like to just sit and chill quite as much as he used to. He’d rather patrol the circle or go exploring on the hill, so it’s a bit of a sacrifice for him to humor me by sitting and reading for a few minutes.

So I appreciate these moments.

I know he likes spending time with me, but he’d rather just go for a long walk.

Speaking of that, he still — STILL — even after all these years, pulls on his leash to go toward where we used to live in Mill Valley to the south. He must still remember our old home all those years ago… It’s been 10 years! But he still points and pulls us in that direction, and he’ll gaze off in the distance for a long time, like he’s thinking back.

I wish I could read his mind. Is he remembering another person he used to know back when he was an outdoor cat? Or is he wondering about other kitties? I don’t even know if he had siblings or if he remembers his mommy cat…

OK, that was sad. 🙁

Give your furry friends extra love today. Talk to you soon. I hope you’re doing something fun.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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