Have You Ever Had a “Mom” Haircut?

I’ve had “mom hair” on my mind lately — pretty much ever since I saw this Saturday Night Live skit a couple weeks ago (thanks for sending it, Jen!).

Haven’t laughed that hard in ages. 😂

When I think of “mom hair,” I think of my mom and the moms of my friends in the 80s, many of whom had some iteration of Princess Diana’s short hair style.

Seems like the current version is shorter on the sides, but with smooth, severe bangs and spiky knives in the back.

Even though I don’t think I’ve had a trademark mom hair style yet (at least I can’t remember), because I really like being able to just put my hair up into a ponytail, this skit still totally resonates with me.

Oh, my gosh! — that part when one of the ladies talks about waking up after a fugue state at HomeGoods and finding a rustic sign in her hands that says “HOME” but not knowing how it got there? Or getting the sudden urge to turn your bathroom into the beach?


I’ve also had mom hair on my mind lately because of this post on Racked about mom haircuts and sexuality.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Having mom hair implies that your hair and appearance are not your main focus (the correct value, per society) because your children are. You don’t care what you look like; you only care about your family. Hair is an afterthought that should be easy and practical. Despite the fact that we approve of this so-called value in moms, we still mock them for it, because moms really do have to have it all. Sex, sure, but not too much, do not admit to liking it, and definitely don’t advertise it on your head, for god’s sake. Be practical, but also have a sense of style — to a point, otherwise it’s vain. Be spontaneous, but don’t go nuts with that, okay? Do not waste 45 minutes putting your long hair into a complicated fishtail braid. You have to get your kid to soccer practice on time.”

I’ve never read into the symbolism of the mom cut that deeply before, because I’ve always just assumed that cutting one’s hair shortly after having a kid was mostly for practical reasons, but this was eye-opening!

How about you? Have you ever had a mom cut? Would you ever rock one?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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