I’m Wondering What It’s Like to Be a Young Person Into Makeup These Days…

Waaay back before teens contoured…

I just watched a makeup video on Instagram with a pre-teen girl with porcelain, pore-less, perfect skin applying 10 beauty products to achieve “flawless skin.”

There was baking and contouring and lots of Shape Tape involved, and she also exclusively used premium products, namely MAC, Fenty, Laura Mercier and Tarte.

Now, when I was that girl’s age, I had one Corn Silk Pressed Powder from Thrifty’s, and for me that was luxurious. My mom wouldn’t even let me wear mascara (“too mature”).

The girl in the video looked to be about 12, and she was in full-beat glam with false lashes. I think she did an excellent job. I can appreciate it from an artistic and technical standpoint, because I know how hard it is to do what she did and how long it takes…but part of me also felt awkward because of her age, like she was too young to be looking like someone about to hit the club on a Thursday night.

When it comes to makeup, what is it like for girls that age now? I don’t know many middle schoolers and don’t have friends with children that age, and I’m curious. I get that it’s much more socially acceptable now for young teens and even preteens to wear what used to be called “grownup” makeup, but is it just me, or does it seem like the minimum age when it’s appropriate to wear “adult” makeup is getting younger and younger?

No…? Do I just sound uptight and old?

I can’t lie, though. I kinda miss kids looking like kids. Childhood is so short as it is.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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