Cute Jewelry at Target, Muumuus, Custom Cat Caftans and Mrs. Roper Dreams…

The Rainbow Brights iPhone Case, and the mu’umu’u is from Ross.

I’ve been wanting to dress like Mrs. Roper lately. *shrugs shoulders*

I’ve probed the depths of my mind trying to find a reason why I’ve been wanting to rock her style (you might remember her from Three’s Company infamy!), and the most rational reason is the weather.

When it’s hella hot and you don’t have air conditioning in your house, the idea of wearing a big, breezy gown that’s flow-y, isn’t too clingy, and has a fun pattern and perhaps pockets (POCKETS!) and a ruffle or two sounds very appealing (note: it may also have a hem that lightly dusts the floor).

Maybe I’ll eventually come to my senses and seek out a chic black maxi dress, but for now, it’s MRS. ROPER FTW! 🙂

A friend of mine mentioned that Ross has some good cotton caftans, so I popped in and found a couple crazy and colorful ones that were less than $10 each!

mrs roper caftan green 2

mrs roper caftan burgundy

I couldn’t decide between these green and burgundy numbers (and was super shocked that the bottom hem didn’t drape along the ground ’cause I was in flats), but ultimately nixed both because neither of them had tassels, fringe or ruffles…and if I’m going to wear a muumuu or something similar, it’s gonna have at least one of those things.

Also, the women’s dressing room at Ross, OMG! It was like walking into a wet, sweaty sock that had been sealed in a dirty underwear drawer for 10 years. (Fun fact: stinky places severely mess with one’s muumuu decision making powers.)

Another friend suggested an online store called Lava Hut, which has some really cute prints, styles and, yes, ruffles. LOTS OF RUFFLES. I like these black muumuus because I really like the idea of wearing a muumuu that make me look like Mrs. Roper working at a MAC counter.

lavahut muumuus

And then someone showed me THIS, and the world came to a standstill…

custom cat caftan

For $300, you can get a custom caftan using a fabric created from pictures of your pet (!). I kindasorta wish I’d gotten married in this? Between the crazy print and the pearls, it’s purr-fection.

Of course, Mrs. Roper’s style wouldn’t be Mrs. Roper’s style if there weren’t any chunky costume jewelry involved, and that’s where these pieces from Sugarfix by Baublebar come into play. I saw these at Target yesterday!

sugarfix by baublebar magenta beaded necklace

sugarfix by baublebar pink gold hearts

sugarfix by baublebar blue earrings

sugarfix by baublebar black tassel and white beads

sugarfix by baublebar drops

sugarfix by baublebar red tassel earrings

I’m assuming that all women go through this phase? Like when you’re a kid and you want a pony? No? Oh, so it’s just me then… 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy humpday!


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