Trader Joe’s Hack! A Waldorf-y Tuna Salad With Their Mediterranean Style Salad Kit (5-Minute Meal)

Got 5 minutes and a rumbly tummy?

Had this for lunch today for, oh, I dunno…the second time this week! 🙂 It’s savory, sweet, flavorful, fast, and there’s hardly any chopping involved. It’s my healthy twist on a Waldorf salad, which usually has apple, grapes and mayo. And sometimes chicken.

I usually eat the whole thing in one sitting, but it could serve two as a side salad.

trader joes organic mediterranean style salad kit

How do I make it?

I’m glad you asked! 🙂

I start with a bag of Trader Joe’s Organic Mediterranean Style Salad (you might remember it from this gnocchi hack), then I set aside the red wine vinaigrette, and add half the greens to a bowl, along with the other accouterments it comes with — the roasted chickpeas, flatbread, dried tomatoes and feta cheese.

(Bag up the rest of the greens, and save for another meal.)

trader joes hacks salad in bowl with grapes

After that, I wash and dry some grapes and cut them in half. Or, sometimes I’ll just leave them whole when I feel super lazy/hungry. Totally up to you!

trader joes hacks cut grapes

Next, I open and drain a can of tuna…

trader joes hacks tuna

WARNING: If you have little animals that go crazy for tuna in the house, pause briefly while they lose their minds.

If you’re not into tuna, you can substitute it for something else, like chopped or shredded chicken, or a few pieces of sliced turkey or Trader Joe’s rosemary ham. Or bacon. Or some canned chickpeas or beans for the vegetarians in the house.

trader joes hacks tuna and grapes

Now, add the vinaigrette and mix everything together.

Finally? Devour!

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