Old Navy Leggings/Summer 2018: Dressing Room Try-Ons and a 50% Off Sale

Question: Where does one go looking for a mu’umu’u or caftan in the spirit of Mrs. Roper?

Answer: Among other places (Marshall’s, Target, etc., and so on, everywhere), Old Navy!

Unfortunately…I didn’t find anything in the loose-fitting brightly colored dress department this time, but I did find some crazy cute workout leggings on sale for 50% off.


The same power that compels me to 1) shimmy-shimmy-cocoa-pop across a busy intersection to retrieve a wayward dollar bill in the middle of the road and 2) discourages me from paying full price for anything (also known as “I’m turning into my mother”) almost — ALMOST — made me get two pairs.

But here’s what stopped me: squats. I was stopped by squats. None of the pants were 100% squat-proof. Mind you, they didn’t feel flimsy, especially the two I almost bought (the navy polka-dot one with the mint green drawstring, and the printed green pair with the pink stripe down the side). The fabric on those was thicker than the Champion brand leggings at Target, for comparison, but thinner than (much pricier) Zellas and Senitas.

But when I bent over or dipped into a deep test squat, I could see the tag (and my underwear) through the material, which was…not good, so I didn’t get them. My leggings absolutely NEED to pass the squat test; otherwise, how else am I gonna get a J. Lo booty?! That thing won’t build itself.

If you’d be mostly wearing these to look cute in, I’d say go for it. They’re bright, vibrant, soft, and the patterns are SUPER cute. I’d suggest trying on a pair with a high rise (holds everything in) and a 7/8 length. I love me some 7/8 tights. They have a hem that hits just above the ankle, so the bottom hem isn’t flooding into your shoes, and they aren’t as short as crops or capris, so they can pass for, ya know, real pants.

Also, if you happen to design dressing rooms for a living (you never know), please, please, PLEASE invent a dressing room door with handles that are placed waaaaay up high beyond the reach of the average toddler, because while I was trying these on, there were a few dicey moments when Connor grabbed the handle and I was afraid my @ss was gonna flash unsuspecting strangers!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. T-G-I-Eff.


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