What’s a Drugstore Beauty Product You Swear By?

An oldie but goodie!

Who doesn’t love a beauty bargain? Seriously: crazy people! I asked this recently in the Monday Poll, and I got so many good ideas from you that a followup post was necessary. 😀 Connor starts preschool in August, and hot dayum!

It’s expensive. So I’m game to save a little moola.

Anywho… I mentioned this one in the poll, but I’m a die-hard Cetaphil fan. It’s just a creamy face wash. No bells and whistles. But it never dries out my skin or gives me breakouts, and it’s only $7 at Target.

After washing my face with it and wiping it off with a wet washcloth, my skin’s clean but NOT dry or tight. Sometimes I use it to wash my hands and body, too!

For the record, it isn’t a superstar when it comes to removing makeup all by itself, though, so at night I remove my foundation and eye makeup before I do Cetaphil.

Other drugstore products I swear by…

What’s a drugstore beauty product you swear by? Feel free to list as many you can/want!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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