What’s Your Makeup Nightmare?

A little obsessed.

I’ve had this on my mind since my buddy Yelena and I were chatting in the comments last week about the stuff of our makeup nightmares. Yelena’s is a world without brow products, and yeah…I have to admit, that would be pretty crappy, especially for my right brow, a.k.a. my “ghost brow,” a.k.a. the brow that disappears into oblivion.

My makeup nightmare scenario, however, is a world without every single option under the sun for glowing skin, because I can’t imagine my foundation drawer with, like, only one option! *shudders*

Some days I want a little shimmer; some days I want more matte; some days I want more coverage; and some days I want less… I quite love having lots of choices on any given day. I’ve morphed into a foundation junkie, I guess.

Don’t get me wrong — I still LOVE color and wearing lots of it on my eyes, cheeks and lips, but there’s just something about skin that looks like real skin that I find so satisfying these days… Go figure!

Anyway, please don’t ever, EVER take away my foundations. It would break my ❤️ heart!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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