What Are 9 Makeup/Beauty Things You’ve Never Tried Before?

Teeth whitening? Microblading? Bird 🐦 poop facials? Bleaching your hair? Wearing a wig? A mani or a pedi? I’m asking ’cause this video of 9 things Mariah Carey has never tried before (removing a stain with a Tide Pen, really MC? How is that possible when you have two kids?) got me thinking…

What are some things — popular or otherwise (fish pedicure, anyone?) — you haven’t tried?

Here are nine of mine…

9 makeup/beauty things I haven’t tried before

  1. I’ve never tried a spray tan.
  2. I’ve never tried an eyelash perm, although I really want to! (I hear it’s life changing.)
  3. I’ve never tried applying a glitter face mask, mostly because I feel like, what’s the point of having glitter in a face mask anyway? If I’m gonna have glitter in a mask, that glitter better do something, like moisturize or exfoliate.
  4. I’ve never tried clip-in bangs! I want some, though, for when those random urges to cut my bangs strike.
  5. I’ve never tried a fish 🐟 pedicure and don’t think I ever will because it looks really ticklish.
  6. I’ve never tried eye lash extensions
  7. I’ve never tried hair extensions.
  8. I’ve never tried getting my brows microbladed.
  9. I’ve never tried wearing a sheet mask in public!

Your turn. What are some makeup/beauty things you’ve never tried before, and are any of them things you really want to try one day soon? Inquiring minds want to know.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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