Estée Lauder Double Wear Deep Dive: Set + Refresh Perfecting Makeup Mist

Estée Lauder Set + Refresh

What is Deep Dive? I’m glad you asked! It’s a new series in which I’m reviewing a bunch of Estée Lauder Double Wear products from their permanent collection. Let’s find out what’s good! 😁

I’ve been skipping powder as of late (’cause I’m waaaaay too deep into this whole skin-that-looks-like-skin thing), so setting spray has been vitally important to me. I literally — literally, and I don’t mean figuratively instead — haven’t left home without it in weeks.

My all-time ride-or-dies are Urban Decay All Nighter (obviously) and the lesser known Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix, but, as you know, I have to try everything, and this one from Estée Lauder is a nice surprise.

Set + Refresh Perfecting Makeup Mist ($36 for a 3.9-oz. bottle with a pump)

Estée Lauder’s Set + Refresh Perfecting Makeup Mist doesn’t actually have any Double Wear branding on it, but if you hop on their site and check out the Double Wear section, it’s there among the foundations, concealers and whatnot.

I’ve asked around, and a few MUA friends have said that this particular spray is BOSS when you use it on top of the O.G. Double Wear Foundation.

I’ve yet to try that combo, but it’s at the top of my to-do list, along with 1) mourning the loss of single Nick Jonas to Priyanka Chopra (honest to god, I thought he was gonna ask ME to marry him), and 2) eating a bag of baby carrots in one sitting (because why the heck not?).

The fine, lightweight mist, which performs like it’s equal parts primer and dewy setting spray, is made for all skin types. You can use it before AND after applying your base products.

Whenever I douse myself in it, I revel in the fresh, subtle scent, which smells like spring sunshine to me — or, less metaphorically, like pears with a squeeze of lemon, brown sugar and a handful of freesia petals.


WaterAquaEau, Butylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80, Caffeine, Fragrance (Parfum), Calcium Chloride, Sodium Sulfate, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate, Phenoxyethanol

It lasts just as long as my go-to sprays, too, but with the added bonus of subtly weaving together my blush, bronzer and foundation so seamlessly and effortlessly that I can’t tell where one product starts and the next one ends. I’ve used it atop Double Wear Light, Double Wear Nude Water Fresh and Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup, and it does this with all of ’em.

(Note: If you’re into the skin-like-skin thing, you know this is totes key.)

Probably the best part, though, is that it’s also moisturizing, so when I spray it around my hella dry under-eyes (the struggle is so real!), not only does it lock down whatever brightener I’m wearing that day, but it brings some extra hydration.

Gotta love a double-duty product!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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