Easy Everyday Hair Styles for the Dog Days of Summer, Day 2: Textured, Tousled Waves

And for more heat-less hair styles for the dog days of summer, check out…

Peep these summery wavy-waves, kitty cat! — that is, if you can get past that luscious lip. (It’s Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur Jumbo Longwear Mat Lip Crayon in 269 Impact from the fall collection.)

Read on for chill, casual waves that are also chic (at least I think so).

chanel 269 impact

Unlike the waves at Waikiki Beach, where, I kid you not, it takes me 15 minutes to paddle out to the surf lineup with my noodle arms on a massive longboard twice my height, catching these summery waves takes less than five minutes.

And yes, I can feel the extra love 💖 emanating through the screen from my hair tribe right now. You know who you are! You hit snooze more than a few extra times every morning and always end up with only five minutes to style that mop. I’m here for you, homegirl.

Anywho… Remember yesterday’s braids? Yup, this is the next day ‘do, and like yesterday’s, this one doesn’t require any heat styling. Once again, I used some Oribe faves, including Gold Lust Dry Shampoo (moar magical than Magic Mike, ’cause it completely sucks up all the funk on your scalp without leaving behind any visible residue!) and Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax, a sweet stylin’ spray wax to separate your strands for serious texture (how cool is that?).

oribe flash form gold lust dry shamopo

Here’s how it works…

1. Shake it out

Since we prepped our braids yesterday for today’s waves (we used a moisturizing hair oil and a flexible hairspray), this first part should be super easy.

Remove your hair elastics, and gently shake out your braid (or braids), releasing them into loose waves with your fingers.

oribe summer hair braid morning after

Run your fingers through a few times to separate the strands…

oribe summer hair braids undone 1

oribe summer hair braids undone 2

If you actually did this step and took out your braid/s last night, work out any knots with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb this morning. If you didn’t, and you slept with your braids in your hair (which is what I did), I think it’s easier…

tabs goodnight kiss
Last night’s goodnight kiss from my tabby boy

2. Revive those roots

Spruce up your second-day roots with a dry shampoo, spritzing in short bursts and concentrating most of the dry shampoo at the crown and around your bangs for lots of lift.

oribe gold lust dry shampoo

3. Add separation and softness

Work a flexible, texturizing wax through the mid shaft and ends (concentrating on the ends) to define and separate the waves into pieces.

oribe flash for pieces at ends

I like Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax because it’s weightless, so my hair retains maximum volume, since I’m all about that big hair life these days, LOL! It’s also soft hold, so I can run my fingers through my strands sans crunchiness.

4. Admire your textured, tousled waves

And that’s it! Waves without any heat styling or real effort, for that matter.

oribe flash form final look k

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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