Easy Everyday Hair Styles for the Dog Days of Summer, Day 3: Wash-and-Wear Wow

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I don’t know if it’s because I’ve thoroughly embraced the triple “L”s (otherwise known as #lazyladylife), or if it’s because stepping outside right now feels like walking into the world’s largest oven, but I’m super into wash-and-wear hair right now. Beach babe meets laid-back French girl chic, if you please. Loose waves that willfully bend whichever way they want, with textured ends that signify that I tried enough to care about my hair this morning but didn’t obsess over every stray strand.

Lurves it!

And ya know, it’s also an instant pick-me-up, too, because I swear, I stand up straighter and smile wider 🙂 when my hair is even just a little bit done. It makes me feel like a functional human being.

For this easy hair style, I used Oribe products again because right now “Or” is my “bae.”

See what I did there…? 🙂 OK, that was pretty lame. I should not be allowed to say “bae” in public.

oribe featherbalm weightless styler

Here’s how you can work those dog-days-of-summer breezes to your air drying advantage…

1. Prep with a repairing shampoo and conditioner to heal any damaged ends

I like shampoos and conditioners that don’t strip my color, and Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner do that while simultaneously adding moisture and shine.

oribe wash and wear hair

2. Towel dry, then apply a lightweight, moisturizing styling balm from the mid-shaft to the ends

Here’s the thing about air drying: unless you’re one of the lucky people who steps out of the shower with perfect hair that automatically falls into place (my friend Christine has hair like this, and yes, I’ve been jealous for over two decades), you gotta work a little something-something into it. Ideally, it’s a styling balm that does a bit of everything — moisture, hold, a touch of smoothness, and hydration, of course! The goal is to tame that mane a little (but not too much).

Oribe Featherbalm does everything aforementioned, so your air-dried ‘do looks done but not overly worked.

oribe wash and wear hair

oribe wash and wear hair

Massage the balm into your hair, then gently drag it through your strands with your fingers to kinda comb everything it into place.

Next, part your hair, and then let it do its air-dry thing.

oribe wash and wear hair

Or, if you have an extra minute (or bangs that are just plain cray, and you want/need to wrangle them into place), section off a chunk of hair in the crown, then twist and secure it with bobby pins.

oribe wash and wear hair

oribe wash and wear hair

oribe wash and wear hair

oribe wash and wear hair

Oh, and by the way, this wash-and-wear style also sets you up for tomorrow’s look. 🙂 Don’t you love being prepared?

Stay cool, chica!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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