MMUK MAN Age Defender Concealer Review

In an age of ‘brotox’, manscaping and ‘manpering’, there’s little surprise that concealer for men is starting to become common place in the average guys wash bag. I’m not ashamed to say that it’s very rare that I’ll go out the house without having a little touch up in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s to hide a blemish or brighten up my eye bags, in the hope that the missus won’t notice how long I really stayed out last night – when it comes to putting my best face forward, I’ll literally take any help that I can get.

This week, MMUK MAN’s brand new Age Defender Concealer fell on my lap (cheers Mr Postman!) and I’ve been putting it through its paces, to see if it could truly tackle my pesky blinders.

I’ve tried my fair share of makeup products in the past (not just MMUK’s) and I loved YSL Homme’s Touche Eclat – before someone made the brain box decision to discontinue it. The truth is, every concealer I’ve used since hasn’t really ticked as many boxes, but it’s safe to say that even before trying this concealer – I was quietly confident, having read the great reviews.

Let’s start with just how this product arrives. I love how it comes in a black matte delivery box with some rather nice tissue paper. It’s a really masculine touch and even though I’m completely comfortable wearing makeup, for guys just getting to grips with it, I can imagine the packaging gives them just an added dose of comfort. The box itself looks great and etched onto the base, in all its glory, is the MMUK MAN logo. The entire process and product screams luxury, which is absolutely vital with its price point of £25.00.

This concealer comes in a choice of six colours, which I really like! I hate it when there’s too many colour options in male makeup products, as it can just cause too much confusion – even for me as an intermediate. The six colours offer a nice colour range from lighter to darker skin tones and I can imagine it not being too difficult for most guys to get the shade spot on.

Now, for the application! The liquid formula is very smooth and has a fabulous texture that’s very easy to blend into the skin. It’s not too runny, nori is it too thick, so guys with even limited knowledge on makeup will actually find it quite easy to know just how much to apply.

Using the included applicator, I sweep a small amount under the eye area, before gently blending it in with my finger tip and honestly, this is the easiest and most effective way to conquer under eye concealer application. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing concealer, which is a massive bonus, but I’m so happy just how easy it hides my bags, dark circles and fine lines in a flash.

Before I sign off, there’s a another massive hit with MMUK MAN’s Age Defender Concealer and that is that it contains collagen – a massive ingredient in your battle against premature ageing. You could almost use this as a brightening eye cream and concealer at the same time, with the collagen giving your skins natural skin cell regeneration a boost. It’s in fact collagen that helps the skin look firmer and younger and with the under eye skin being much thinner than the rest of the face, it’s definitely deployed in the right area!

Would I buy this product again? 100% yes and I’d go as far as saying it’s the best product I’ve tried and the only one that could really rival my old favourite. MMUK MAN have a selection of over fifty male cosmetic products and if this is anything to go by, they’re definitely worth adding to your bathroom arsenal.


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