Do You Ever Replace the Pads on Your Lash Curler?

The Troy Surrat Lash Curler on the left and the Shiseido Lash Curler on the right

I was cleaning my Surrat lash curler the other day and wondering about this, because I’m fairly certain — and this may sound totally gross, depending on your opinion on the subject — that I’ve only done it once or (maybe) twice in my entire life.

And I’ve curled my lashes A LOT over the years. It’s an everyday thing for me.

Even though I usually have those pad replacement thingamabobs floating around, because most lash curlers come with one or two of them, I usually wait until my curler gets so gross that it crosses the point of no return and can’t be resuscitated, and I end up chucking it and buying a new one.

This happens about every few years, or thereabouts.

So I’m wondering…does anybody ever replace those pads? I’m sure there has to be a continent of responsible lash curler lovers out there…or maybe I’m just the grossest person on the planet?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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