Try the New MAC Dazzleshadow Liquids for Glittery, Glossy Lids and Long-Lasting Shimmer and Shine

Glossy, glittery goodness

Is it a glitter, or is it a super shiny eye gloss? Quelle suprise! ‘Tis both.

The MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid Eyeshadows ($22 each)

The sparkling new MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid eyeshadows come in 10 shades in every color you’d want to wear to schmexy time, to preschool library story time (IT ME), or any time, really.

“Get lost in eyes that tantalize, mesmerize and glamorize. Introducing the irresistible twinkle of our all-new daze-inducing Dazzleshadow Liquid. Available in a range of beaming finishes – from glaring glitter to subtle sparkle and cool chrome – this ultra-shiny liquid eye shadow glides across lids for a wash of brilliant colour that keeps its splendour for up to 8 hours. Its lightweight cooling formula sets quickly for the ultimate second-skin texture that feels ultra-soft on lids.”

Seriously, they’re such a find. You’ll never have to deal with renegade glitter bits cascading down your cheeks or under your eyes (or, in my case, up in my brows, and why or how glitter manages to get up there, I’ll never know) again.

And because of the reflective finish, you can also get the high-fashion look of magazine-style glossy eyes without that sticky, gooey, gross feeling on your lids. Dab some on the back of your hand with the doe-foot applicator, pick up the littlest amount with a tapered blending brush (THIS IS KEY! DON’T USE TOO MUCH!), blend on your lids, and it won’t budge all day long. (Watch the clock, though, because you’ll only have about two minutes to buff before the formula completely sets.)

mac dazzleshadow liquid rayon rays every day is sunshine 2
That’s Liquid Lip Suede Matte Lipstick in Nude Blush by Civilized Cosmetics on my lips.

Tip: Ease the transitions between the Dazzleshadow Liquids on your skin by blurring out the edge with your favorite tan or brown cream eyeshadow, since it’s easier to blend a cream shadow into another cream or a liquid shadow, as opposed to blending a powder shadow with a cream shadow. Similar textures = easier blending. Here I’m wearing MAC Cream Colour Base in Mid-Tone Sepia, but you can basically use any creamy brown eyeshadow you have around.

mac dazzleshadow liquid rayon rays 1

I highly recommend the two shades I’m wearing here — warm brown Rayon Rays (outer lids) and shimmery peach Every Day Is Sunshine (inner lids) — if you’re looking for something flexible, since they both work with neutral and bold lips.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4 out of 5 hearts.

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