When You’re Wondering About Winged Liner at 3AM (and Reviews of the PTY Beauty No BS Eyeshadow Palette, a Fab Crease Brush for Hooded Lids, and a Drugstore Beauty Staple)


I haven’t been sleeping through the night lately, and by “lately” I mean for the past two weeks, which was approximately when Tabs started his new workout regimen where he does wind sprints up and down the stairs beginning at the witching hour, and Connor started having dreams that wake her up in the middle of the night. (Last night she woke up saying, “Mama, NO! Those are my bubbles. MY BUBBLES!”)

The routine has gone something like this: After I’ve comforted all of the little animals, I crawl back into bed and lie there for an hour or two with my gumbo stew of thoughts.

Among last night’s ponderings…

  1. Is it possible to make a gluten-free roux for a white sauce?
  2. If all of your teeth were pointy, could you still eat Popsicles?
  3. When was the last time I wore winged liner?

I have a pretty good memory for makeup-related tidbits, like what lip liner I wore with Clinique Black Honey circa 1994 (it was Wet ‘n’ Wild 666, which is still around!), so to NOT remember when I wore winged liner last is a minor tragedy in my book, which is why I busted them out today with a mix of products, old and new…

PYT No BS Eyeshadow Palette ($28)

Ooh, can’t say enough about this cool-toned palette with its eight neutral powder eyeshadows. Whether you’ve taken a two-year hiatus from serious blending (LIKE ME), or you’ve just started experimenting with making windshield wiper motions, these buttery powders will make your crease work look like you can blend in your sleep. The shadows combine the fineness of NARS eyeshadows with the softness and smoothness of Dior, and they feel much higher end than $28 to me.

pyt beauty no bs eyeshadow palette swatches
I’m an NC42 in MAC for reference.

For my wings today, first I lined my upper lash line with a black pencil liner to sketch out the wings, and then I dipped an angled brush into the matte dark brown and layered directly on top to set the pencil and soften the color just a touch.

pyt beauty no bs eyeshadow palette k
Dark brown eyeshadow + black pencil liner = a kinder, gentler wing

I like this layering technique of dark brown eyeshadow on top of black liner for daytime winged liner because I think it’s approachable and not as high drama as, like, a shiny, super sharp black liquid wing.

Louise Young LY38B Tapered Shadow Brush (£15.00, or about $20 US)

This is a must if you have hooded lids, or if you can’t find your crease no matter how hard you try. It’s a soft, super skinny tapered crease brush — the thinnest one I have (it’s even thinner than the epic MAC 221) — so it precisely places crease color.

pyt beauty no bs eyeshadow palette k2
See that skinny brush tip?!

Granted, you could also use a dense pencil brush, but I find that pencil brush tips deposit too much shadow, and it’s really hard to blend the edges when you’ve got a bunch of excess dark black or brown shadow hanging out on your lids. I prefer fluffy, thin brushes like LY38B because you get the same precision, but since they’re fluffy, they don’t apply as much eyeshadow, so it’s so much easier to buff out the edges.

Currently, this brush is a little hard to find in the US, but it’s on the Louise Young website, which ships internationally if you’re interested.

TIP: Do your winged liner first, and then apply your crease color with the LY38B, because it’s easier to figure out where to place your crease color when you already know how far out and up your wings are going.

Q-tips Cotton Swabs Precision Tips ($3)

OK, so maybe I’m way too easily amused, but I love that moment when I take one of these pointed tips (which I soak in makeup remover first) and run it along the bottom edge of my wing to sharpen it. This is the easiest way to correct wonky wings!

Makeup worn in the rest of this look

Tell me your 3 a.m. thoughts, babe.

I hope they involve either winged liner, Idris Elba or, heck, a combination of both!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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