Weird Things I Like to Do

I mean…there are so just many things, and most of them are silly like…

1. Using two mugs to drink coffee

When the automatic warmer in my coffee maker shuts off and the coffee isn’t as hot as I’d like it to be, I grab two mugs — one mug that I use in the microwave to warm up the coffee, and a second “fancy mug,” which I pour the hot coffee into and drink from.

Now, I could save a step and just drink directly from the first mug…but it’s too hot to hold when it comes out of the microwave, LOL!

2. Pretending I’m the cat paw-parazzi

Why do I derive so much joy out of taking covert pictures of Tabs?? I like to hide behind the couch or peek around corners to catch him in the act of…doing something. These days, it’s usually just him napping (because he’s old), but it’s still weirdly fun.

3. Posting weirdo face pics that have absolutely no context

Me: Stop posting weird pictures of yourself on the Interwebz without any context!

Also me:

4. Divvying up workout leggings between public versus private

I separate my workout pants into two categories. The first: leggings fit for wearing in public, like to HIIT class, running errands, grabbing coffee. They’re generally high-waisted, have no holes and are the right size.

To be honest, I only have like four pairs that meet this criteria.

The second category: private leggings. These are the leggings that are worn solely around the house, like to run on the treadmill or to clean. They’ve got a lower waist (so, muffin top city), they’re usually a little too snug (borderline obscene), typically have holes, and/or they’re an obnoxious color or print.

Not surprisingly, 80% of my leggings fall into this category… I need to just Kon Mari the sh*t out of them already.

5. Making lazy-girl smoothies

I start with a base of a pre-made juice, then add fresh produce like blueberries and spinach. Then I whip it all together in my Ninja.

Please tell me I’m not alone in doing these things…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. tgif. 🙂


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