Bada-Bing! The Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection Is Out Now

The new $49 Urban Decay Naked Cherry collection eyeshadow palette

Clearly, UD has a thing for Bing…cherries. Based on the packaging for new Naked Cherry collection, Bing is bomb, and I can appreciate that. I mean, I get it. I see the connection. A deep, dark, purplish Bing makes sense for a makeup collection, but I still like Rainiers more. They’re sweeter, man! And I love that red and yellow ombre action #importantfruitopinions.

(Quick makeup query: Years ago MAC also released a cherry-inspired collection. Can you remember what it was called?)

urban decay naked cherry collection packaging

No reds, but plenty of pink and plum

Surprise! — there’s not a lot of red in UD’s new Naked Cherry collection.


Red eyeshadow is on trend right now, but if you were hoping for seductive scarlets, vampy vermilions and ruby reds in this release, sorry.

The collection, which has been out about a week now, includes an eyeshadow palette ($49), a blush/highlighting trio ($34), two eyeliners ($21), three lipsticks ($34), and a cherry-scented setting spray ($15).

Judging by the name — Naked Cherry — you may have quite naturally expected there to be copious quantities of crimson in this collection, but these pretties are predominantly pink, rose, purple and mauve. Even more shockingly, no orange-y browns in the eye palette!

I know; am I still in the normal reality?? When was the last time UD released a palette without an orange-brown?

Quick take: shockingly wearable

If you’re craving something kind of different that isn’t filled with typical browns, AND you like wearing purples, AND you can see yourself venturing into the Land of Mauve and Rosy Tones, the Naked Cherry palette is worth a look. I like it.

The Naked palettes are Urban’s take on neutrals, and Naked Cherry still seems, well…neutral. I thought I would have a hard time with it because whenever I wear red, or reddish eyeshadows, I look sick and/or tired, but that’s not a problem for this palette, since these shades do not have red undertones. There are just plenty of wearable purples, plums, burgundies, roses and mauves.

Oh, and kisses of copper, beige and peach to break things up a little.

urban decay naked cherry k
Wearing the eye palette, cheek palette and Devilish Lipstick

The palette appears to be similar to Backtalk (which caused a minor uproar among people who were expecting a straight-up red eye palette when it was recently launched), but… Anyway, you could stick the eyeshadows from Naked Cherry into the the Balktalk palette, and they’d appear to fit right in, but they are quite different (see the swatches below). These colors are more than different enough to stand on their own.

urban decay naked cherry collection swatches
From the top: the eyeshadows, the blush and highlighter, lipsticks and the liners

urban decay backtalk palette swatches
Urban Decay Backtalk swatches

All 12 eyeshadows in the palette are new, and most of them are mattes.

As for the rest of the collection…

Regarding the highlighting blush palette, the blush is darker than it looks in the pan, and both of the highlighters are frosty… I don’t see myself wearing them a ton.

urban decay naked cherry blush highlighter palette

Same goes for the lipsticks…although, if the cherry on the cap isn’t the cutest?! The lipsticks are very ’80s, especially light beige Juicy and hot pink Devilish.


I mean, they look cool in pic, but when I wear them in real life I feel like my hair should be spiral permed, coated in stiff Depp gel and radiating two feet from my head. Also, the darkest lipstick (Cherry) does look like the skin on a Bing. I’ll give it that.

My big issue, however, is with the cream finish, which moves…a lot. And if I’m gonna wear a color this dark, you better believe it’s gonna 1) be a matte and 2) be locked down.

urban decay naked cherry vice lipsticks
Naked Cherry Vice Lipsticks in Juicy, Devilish and Cherry ($18 each)

Among the Liners, Love Drug is a shimmery purple (without red undertones, so it’s super wearable), and Black Market is a gorgeous gunmetal gray. Both of them are pigmented, but neither one really wants to last on my water lines or lower lash line (the upper lash line is fine, though).

urban decay naked cherry 24 7 glide on eye pencil
Naked Cherry 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Love Drug and Black Market ($21 each)

Also, the cherry setting spray is basically just All Nighter with a cherry scent… No big whoop.

Where to find it

The collection is ripe for the picking at Macy’s, Ulta, Sephora and right meow.

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