Nail Polish Chit-Chat: What Colors Do You Wear the Most?

That moment when you realize that you wear a lot of baby blue nail polish…

Ever since Hard Candy Sky in the ’90s, I’ve been a blue nail polish girl.

Actually, now I’m a greenish blue/blueish green/blue/green nail polish girl. Those are definitely the color families I wear the most.

Oh, and purple. I’ll sprinkle a purple up in there from time to time. So blues, greens and purples are the shades I wear the most, and to get even more rambly on ya, I hardly ever wear orange nail polish. It doesn’t really do anything for me at all. Neither does beige nor tan.

How about you? What nail polish colors do you wear the most? (BONUS: And what do you hardly ever wear?)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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