Does Keeping Your Summer Tan Through Fall and Winter Matter to You?

Me trying to avoid the sun!

I’m just curious. I read about this bronzing face mist from St. Tropez that you can get at Sephora for $30. You spray it on your face and neck, and apparently it’s like a misting self-tanner spray that gives you some color without making a mess on your clothes or hands.

I’m intrigued.

It made me think about fading summer tans. Like, this is not a big issue for me (obvi), but I do put on a little color during the summer. I’m usually an NC42 in MAC, but I’ll move up into NC44 territory. (I try to wear hats and sunscreen when I can, just because my face starts to hurt when I get too much sun.)

Anyway, I do have friends, though, who like to keep their summer color into winter, so I passed this bronzing mist info on to them (and you!).

Inquiring minds want to know. Is this a concern for you? For me, not so much. But let me know if it’s one for you in the comments.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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