Best/Worst Hair Styling Tools?

This thing is practically an extension of my arm —> the ghd Soft Curl.

So, I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible. I usually wash it at night before bed and go to sleep with it a little damp, but then it’s like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates when I wake up… I never know what I’m gonna get, ha ha ha!

I usually need help wrangling it into a semi-respectable state with some styling tools, like these that I love:

  • The T3 hair dryer. I still have my first-gen one from a billion years ago (OMG, here’s the review from 2007. Have a laugh at my brows.), and it’s still going strong. It’s unbelievably lightweight, and I’m constantly surprised by how quickly it dries hair. I use it every day to help straighten my bangs so they fall the way I like.
  • The ghd Curve Soft Curl Curling Iron. This iron is CRAZY expensive ($245!), but hear me out. It LEGIT heats up 🔥 in less than a minute, but it never gets so hot that I burn my hair (which happened when I was into the T3 curling irons for a spell). The curls last all day, too.
  • A round boar’s hair brush. I can’t remember where or when I bought the one I have. It’s so old that the label’s worn off… It may have been around 1999? Whatever the case, it smooths out my bangs and wayward pieces better than anything.

As for hair styling tools I don’t love…I’ve haven’t had much success with inexpensive curling irons and hair dryers. The very affordable ones I’ve gotten from drugstores or Target never got hot enough to actually do anything to my hair. I used to have a hairdryer by Revlon that literally did nothing when it came to actual, ya know, hair drying.

Oh, and you know those hairdryers that are attached to the wall in some hotel rooms? Really, so dumb. What’s the point? They just end up blowing the water around and not really drying my hair at all.

Also, again about the T3 curling iron… Was. Not. My. Favorite. A few years ago, I accidentally fried a big chunk of hair with it, and it’s been buried at the bottom of a drawer ever since.

How about you? What are the hair styling tools you love/loathe the most? Which hairdryers, curlers, flat irons, brushes? And what do you like, or don’t like, about them?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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