Super Sparkle! A Look With Lustrous Lids and the MAC Shiny Pretty Things Holiday 2018 Collection

Lustrous lids

Here’s another look I did to find out what’s good from the MAC Shiny Pretty Holiday Collection, this time with liquid liner and lustrous lids. If you’re interested in this collection, here’s another look I did using the highlighters, and another look using one of the new glitter eyeshadows.

The MAC Shiny Pretty Things Holiday Collection is all about shiny pretty things. Even the eyeliners are chock-full of sparkly stuff.

Here’s another look experiment I did this week, this one using two of the four $22 Dazzleliners — a golden pink called Holiday Time! and a charcoal black with silver and gold glitter called A Little Moonlight (LOVE that name, BTW).

For the record, I still like wearing glitter (yes, even at my age), but it’s not an everyday thing anymore because — let’s get real here — glitter isn’t easy to wear when you’re 40+ years old (hello, pores and wrinkles experience lines!).

But I think it can still be fun in controlled doses, especially if the glitter, like in these Dazzleliners, sticks to your skin like glue.

Dazzleliner in Holiday Time!

There’s a TON of glitter in the Dazzleliners, but what else would you expect from something with the word “dazzle” in the name?

The Dazzleliners are like glittery MAC Liquidlast Liners. Similar packaging, and the same skinny paint brush applicator, similar viscosity. The liquid isn’t runny; it’s closer to a cream, but it’s less thick and dense than a cream shadow or gel liner.

Holiday Time looks more cool yellow gold than pink on my NC42 lids. I thought it might be similar to Urban Decay’s gold Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy before I actually used it, but the two are vastly different. The Urban Decay Glitter Liners contain glitter pieces suspended in a clear base, whereas the MAC Dazzleliners have their glitter pieces in an opaque pearly golden base.

I’m wearing Holiday Time as an eyeshadow in this look. I drew thick slashes with the skinny paintbrush applicator directly on my lids, then buffed it out with a MAC 217. The liquid sets very quickly, like in less than a minute, after which point it doesn’t move (yup, it’s also long-lasting).

After I buffed out the liquid liner, I could see the various shapes and sizes of the glitter pieces in the liner (so sparkly, and very cool). The pearly base sheered out significantly, and as the liquid liner set on my lids, I could feel it slightly tightening up a little, as if something in the formula was evaporating away quickly.

The tightening sensation didn’t hurt or anything. I just didn’t expect it.

By the way, I layered a touch of pink glitter eyeshadow on top for extra shimmer in this look — the shade Major Win, which is also one of the Shiny Pretty Shadows from the collection.

I like Holiday Time! (Both literally and figuratively, haha.) It’s long-lasting, too. If I were going dancing, I know I could wear it, and it would last all night long. Only thing is that I wish it looked a little more pink on me.

mac dazzleliner a little moonlight

Dazzleliner in A Little Moonlight

I’m also wearing A Little Moonlight as a liner on my upper lash line in this look. It’s black with silver and gold pearl, and just like the Liquidlast Liners, it’s a little difficult for me to get a smooth edge with it, so I dip an angled brush into a charcoal shadow (MAC Extra Dimension in Dark Dare), and use that to smooth any jagged edges. Granted, I was drawing the line on top of a sh*t ton of glitter…so I think it would’ve been smoother if my lids weren’t covered in the sparkly stuff.

I can see hints of purple, which I didn’t expect at all. Used as a liner, it looks like a dark charcoal with silvery bits and a touch of purple. If I buff it out (like how I did with Holiday Time), it retains a good amount of the charcoal gray base, so it doesn’t sheer out as much as Holiday Time. The silver and gold glitter pops when I do this, and it’s tres dramatique! (I may or may not have made up that last word.)

Everything else on my face is MAC

Here’s a list of everything else I’m wearing in this look, and please feel free to ask me anything: Studio Fix Foundation in NC42, Fleur Power Blush, Edge to Edge Lip Liner, Babetown Lipstick (which is also from Shiny Pretty Things), Soba Eyeshadow, Lowlights Fludline and Hush Cream Colour Base.

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