MAC Shiny Pretty Things Collection Pictures, Arm Swatches and Lip Swatches

The MAC Shiny Pretty Things Holiday 2018 makeup collection

Pics, arm swatches and lip swatches of MAC Shiny Pretty Things…as well as commentary/thoughts from the perspective of a 40-something-year-old woman who loves MAC and makeup. 😊 Please note, this is just the makeup collection, not the gift sets or kits. The whole collection is LE and available now at MAC counters and online. If you’d like to see the makeup in action, check out this post, this post and this post. For reference, I’m an NC42.

If you like shimmer, shine, frost, pearl and/or glitter, and you’re cool with the fact that it’s already the holidays for makeup companies, this MAC holiday collection is both shiny and pretty. It radiaties megawatts of luminescence. Of the 21 pieces, all which are bedecked/bedazzled in limited edition shiny silver packaging, only one has absolutely no shine to it — a hot pink matte lipstick called Both Cheeks ($19.50), which is gorgeous, by the way. It’s like a matte version of Show Orchid.

I suppose you could also consider creamy beige-pink Babetown Lipstick ($19.50) as something other than shiny, because it isn’t as shiny as the other items in the release, but it is technically a Cremesheen, so it’s still kinda shiny… It’s also the thing I’ve been wearing most from this entire collection.

I know, SHOCKING. Karen’s favorite thing is the neutral lipstick?!

That’s sarcasm in print, by the way. 🤣

Note: Babetown isn’t one of those corpse-y pink beige colors. It’s light (but not pastel), and I think it’s lovely layered on top of the MAC Soar, Edge to Edge, Spice, Boldly Bare — the usual MAC liner suspects. It’s smooth, opaque and doesn’t latch onto lip flakes, either.

But yeah, you better be into glitter if you’re gonna go big with this collection, because there’s SO MUCH GLITTER. All of the Shiny Pretty Shadows ($21.50 each) are glittery (allegedly they’re a new formula, but I think they might be re-branded Pressed Pigments), the Dazzleliner liquid liners ($22 each) are glittery, and the Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Snowflushed ($35) is HELLA glittery — like, someone could illuminate a disco party using the reflection off your face.

I happen to like glitter in controlled/small doses, and I’m very particular about the particulars of the glitter I like to wear because, as a non-21-year-old, I have pores.

I also have experience lines.

And glitter amplifies those things.

Yet I really like the Shiny Pretty Things glitters. They’re — wait for it — wearable!

So what’s “wearable glitter”? Well, I think the flecks are fine (but not necessarily microscopic), and not like the massive Skittle-sized pieces of glitter you use for face painting at a child’s birthday party.

Also, IMO the glitter bits in “wearable glitter” aren’t all the exact same shape and size. They vary, owing to a higher degree of complexity and sophistication…

Yes, I know that’s taking glitter very seriously. 🤣

By far, the most interesting glitters in this collection to me are the Shiny Pretty Shadows. They’re moderately pigmented glitter shadows with a pearly base, and the glitter bits are all different shapes and sizes. When you press the shadows on your lids either wet or dry — because, let’s face it, using a sweeping motion is just gonna send the stuff flying all over the place — they almost look like shattered glass sparkling in sunlight. Some flecks even look like they’re floating above your skin like pixie dust.

The long-wearing Dazzleliners (sparkly-er cousins of the MAC Liquidlast Liners) also have that shattered glass effect.

And then there’s Snowflushed, with its relatively incognito gold, bronze and pink flecks of glitter (subtle glitter is always a plus if you have a pore situation).

Also, none of the glosses feel gritty, by the way, if you were wondering.

The take-home home message is this: This is a *very* glittery collection, but a surprising amount of it is wearable, even for someone older than 20. If you’re into that, check out the eyeshadows, the liner and the highlighters, which I think are the standouts.

mac shiny pretty shadow
Shin Pretty Shadows, $21 each
mac shiny pretty things in extra dimension skinfinish
Extra Dimension Skinfinishes, $35 each

mac shiny pretty things lipglasses
Lipglasses, $18.50 each
mac shiny pretty things dazzleliners
Dazzleliners, $22 each
mac shiny pretty things lipsticks
Lipsticks, $19.50 each
mac shiny pretty things swatches-final
Lipsticks, Lipglasses, Shiny Pretty Shadows, Extra Dimension Skinfinishes and Dazzleliners
mac shiny pretty things lip swatches
Lipsticks and Lipglasses on NC42 skin

If you’d like more info about any of the items in the collection, let me know. Until then…VIVA LA GLITTER!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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