Voting Selfies Are a Thing

Voting selfie from 2016. It appears as though I at least combed my hair in this one, ha ha! By the way, please talk some sense into me the next time I decide that getting bangs is a good idea, thanks.

Did you know this?? You go to your polling place, fill in your little boxes, get your sticker, and then snap a pic of yourself wearing said sticker.

Totally a thing!

I’ve done it before and I’m sure I’ll do it again, although I didn’t take one last Tuesday because… Long story, but El Hub got home late from work, so I had to dart out the door to reach the polling place. I didn’t have time to comb my hair or wash my face. I also had dried bits of baby barf on my sweater because I’d just gotten back from seeing Connor Claire at Vomit-pa-looza 2018. (Side note: She’s better now.)

Sigh… Sometimes I feel like I’m in a competition with myself to see just how gross I’m willing to be when I’m out in public, LOL. 😂

Needless to say, I was feeling frazzled and sleep-deprived, and kinda weirdly antisocial because it had been the first time I’d left the house in two days, but yet the nice lady who handed me my ballot said that I looked “very put together,” even though I most certainly wasn’t.

I think she was just being kind, so to that stranger who was working at the polling station on South Novato Blvd. last Tuesday, thank you for your random act of kindness. 🙏

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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