#BECCAxChrissy Holiday 2018 Collection Glow Kitchen and Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kits

New #BECCAxChrissy holiday makeup

Chrissy Teigan gets me, man. She really does — and not just because she made one of my favorite face/eye palettes of all time.

Um, have I mentioned in the last 5 minutes how much I adore the BECCA X Chrissy palette? Yeah, you do not have to twist my arm to get me to wear bronze eyeshadow. LOL.

Well, Chrissy is back with another BECCA holiday collab, and it’s also gorgeous, especially if you have warm undertones and medium brown skin.

We’re talking bronze lids, rose gold highlighter, rosy nude lipstick and a whole lotta nude gloss, a.k.a Karen’s Makeup Dreams Come True, or K.M.D.C.T.

There’s two LE holiday kits, and both of them are available now at Sephora.

BECCA Glow Kitchen Kit ($44)

This kit contains three items, and errrrthang is new. These are never-seen-before formulas, which is very exciting to makeup weirdos 😜 like yours truly. There’s a loose rose gold highlighter, a matte nude rose liquid lipstick, and a pot called Glow Souffle Eye Shadow & Face Highlighter in Cinnamon Churro with a bronze eyeshadow in the flip-cap top and a creamy golden mousse highlighter in the jar. (Side note: The packaging looks a LOT like these old Tom Ford duos.)

becca chrissy holiday 2018

I couldn’t wait to try Cinnamon Churro. The soft bronze eyeshadow feels almost creamy, so it’s crazy sexy blend-able, but the frosty finish and big flecks of glitter make it…problematic for 40-something lids. If I take it up too high into my crease — which is easy to do because of how gracefully the powder glides across the skin, and you know I like to go HAM on that @ss when it comes to blending — I look much older than I am because of mah fine lines.

Beautiful bronze color, though… Le sigh. If I were 22, I’d be on it like fried chicken on waffles.

becca chrissy holiday 2018 swatches

Fun fact: The mousse highlighter in the duo smells like cinnamon buns, which are one of Chrissy’s favorite sweet treats… And now I’m craving cinnamon buns with extra icing, ha ha.

Um…where was I?

To put the formula in context, the mousse is denser than a Tom Ford cream shadow but less dense than a Chanel cream or a MAC Paint Pot.

So, basically, it feels like a makeup marshmallow (which is great), but, like the eyeshadow, the mousse is full of bling, so it gets a hard pass from me thanks to my experience lines.

becca chrissy holiday 2018
BECCA Chrissy Holiday 2018

becca chrissy holiday 2018
New #BECCAxChrissy holiday

Sadly, I’m not going to be reaching for this pot very much, but if Connor were a teenager, I’d give it to her in a heartbeat.

To all the young bloods out there reading this, first of all, do you ever get ANY of my ’90s references? Second, you’ll have fun with this. I can’t wear it, but maybe you can, and if so, you totally should.

Some thoughts the other things in the kit…

Lip Souffle in Red Velvet

  • Lightweight mousse glides across lips
  • Looks and feels similar to MAC Retro Mattes Liquid in Burnt Spice.
  • Unflavored, unscented
  • Stays on if you’re gently eating or drinking but disappears if you’re inhaling a bag of kettle corn like your life depends on it (true story).
  • No settling into horizontal lip lines, so no cat butt lips!
  • Dries out my lips a little, but overall I like it and hope BECCA does more colors.

Confectionary Glow Powder in Cinnamon Sugar

  • Frosty finish, super shiny
  • Small, cute glitter
  • Loose formula is hella messy
  • Looks like a loose version of Rose Gold highlighter from the BECCA X Chrissy Palette

The take-home message is this: This deserves mad love if you’re under 30, but if you’re over 40, I’ll meet you in the aisle with the anti-aging serums, my friend.

BECCA Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit ($29)

These four mini glosses (three nudes, one red) smell and taste like vanilla, and they have a a non-sticky medium-weight formula that reminds me of the MAC Plushglasses or a Chanel Glossimer.

The shades work perfectly with the BECCA X Chrissy Teigan palette — almost like Chrissy was thinking about it when she picked the colors.

I have to reapply these about every two hours, and when I wear them my lips look lush and pillow-y because they’ve got that whole shiny-but-not-too-shiny action happening.

I’m surprised I like this kit more than the other one, but I just think it’s more useful for me. I know I’ll wear all the colors, all the time.

The take-home messages is this: This kit is an all-rounder that should make anyone happy, no matter their age.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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