Saturday Surfing, November 24th, 2018

Good morning, meow mix! Do you ever have temporary bouts of cat clothing-related insanity? I’m going to venture a guess now that this does not come as a shock, but I do, and mine routinely occur at Target.

I was there the other day when I saw this children’s dress… Or is it a tunic top? I’m not exactly sure what it is, TBH! It was on a rack. When I saw it, I paused and thought, “Hmm… If I can find it in an XL, I bet I could wear it as a t-shirt!”

LOL. Then I came to my senses… Can ya blame me, though? That cat is super cute! 😺

Oh, and I also saw this interesting mint green coat that reminds me of the bathroom rug my parents had in the ’80s, ha ha!

target muppet coat

I kinda wanted to get it, but I held back because I already own enough clothing that makes me look like a Muppet…

On that note, let’s get to this weekend’s reading.

One of my faves

On my “good morning” playlist at the moment

Why yes, I’m on a ’90s music kick!

All I want for Christmas are Lisa’s lipsticks, LOL.

If you’re that one awkward mom at the birthday party, a.k.a. me

Have a great rest of your weekend. Stay dry.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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