This Week’s Makeup Inspiration: Cindy Crawford ’90s Supermodel Makeup

Over the past few days, I’ve probably spent more time that I should readily admit deep-diving into Cindy Crawford’s supermodel days, and I need to say this next bit aloud: Her makeup from the ’90s slays my life.

Smoky eye ’til I die, man. Where do I even begin?

One could characterize her makeup from that era as “classic,” but COME ON — Cindy Crawford at the height of her supermodel-ness was freaking iconic!

I loved her makeup back then, and I still love those looks now. I think that says something when… Wait — let me stop and do the math. This was almost 30 years ago! It says something when anything is still relevant after so long, and I’d bet my tubby tabby that those makeup looks will hold up pretty much forever. They’re timeless.

My fave thing for sure are the brows. She’s got full, lush brows that are a may-jah focal point, but they’re still soft, without any sharp edges or hard definition, so while they’re prominent, you’re not sucked into staring solely at those fuzzy little caterpillars.

In many of her makeup looks, she wears some kind of variation on a smoky eye that usually looks matte or semi-matte, and then she either does a nude or a red lip.

Look closely at the nude lip looks… See how there’s usually a darker unblended line at the edge? It’s so very ’90s. I haven’t worn unblended liner like that in ages, but I’ve been mildly curious about trying it again ever since I noticed that the makeup artist who does Kelly Clarkson’s makeup on The Voice does it a lot with Kelly’s nude lip looks.

I’m gonna revisit it again this week…

Oh, and then there’s Cindy’s cheeks! There’s something happening there, for sure, with the contouring and highlighting, but I love that there are no visible stripes of bronzer or over-the-top bling.

I really wonder who did the makeup in these images… I know Kevyn Aucoin worked with her a lot, but I have no idea if he did any of these looks.

Can’t forget to mention the hair. Maybe it’s because I came of age during the prime “hair bear” years, but I love me some big Cindy Crawford hair. My friend Gloria told me the other day that whenever she gets a blowout, she tells the stylist to give her Cindy Crawford ’90s hair, which is genius! Why haven’t I thought of that before? I rarely get a blowout, but if I ever get an opportunity to have someone work their magic on me with a T3 and a round brush, I’m gonna tell them to dial up the volume to the highest of ’90s Cindy Crawford hair heights.

Ideally, when this blowout occurs, I’ll be wearing a Cindy Crawford-style makeup look to go with the big hair, ha ha ha!

What do you think of this look? Does it excite you as much as it does me, or does it bore you to tears?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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