Going for the Glitter? Get Thee a Fluffy Brush, ASAP!

Glitter during the daytime hours? WHY NOT!

Friends, please raise your coffee mugs and join me in congratulating my dayum self!

Now, you might be asking, “Um…Karen, what the heck are we toasting to?” And if so, fair enough. 😊 See, I’ve come to the life-changing conclusion that using a fluffy brush to apply glitter changes lives.

Why a fluffy brush?

Correction: It has to be a specific type of fluffy brush. What you want is a fluffy flat or angled eyeshadow brush — something like the MAC 275S or my fave, the Sephora Pro Angled Shadow Brush #13, which, sadly, is discontinued.

Basically, though, a fluffy flat (or angled) brush deposits the perfect amount of glitter onto lids while simultaneously minimizing fallout.

I’ve only just started doing this because I normally just use a finger to press the glitter on my lids to pack that ish in place, but the thing is, when I wanna wear glitter during the daytime, BECAUSE WHY NOT, this approach can be a little too disco.

nars ignited palette k2
Pretty subtle as far as glitter goes. I’m wearing the NARS Ignited Palette, by the way. It has lots of pink and purple and warm reddish browns, and methinks it looks *good* with rose-colored tops and dresses.

Sheer, but precise

Fluffy brush, though? Yes, life-changing! The key is the low density of the brush head. The fluffiness sheers out the glitter just enough to leave you with a dusting of elegant sparkle on your eyes, as opposed to full-on rave glitter (err, do people still call those parties raves? #datingmyself). The shape of the brush head is also a may-jah player. Since flat or angled eye brushes are precise, and much more precise than, say, domed or tapered eye blending brushes like the MAC 217 or 224, so you can put your glitter exactly where you want it.

I mean, of course you’ll have to tap off your brush first, and then pat, rather than sweep, the glitter on your lids to reduce as much fallout as you can (obvi), but using a fluffy brush results in a sheerer, more elegant and subtle application that *totally* works for daytime makeup.

Fix that fallout

And if you do end up with fallout, no worries. Just use a little Scotch tape or the sticky part on the back of a Post-it, and gently press it onto any wayward glitter flecks to lift them away!

What I’m wearing in these pics

I used the Sephora #13 brush to apply some glitter from the new NARS Ignited palette ($59, limited edition, available at Sephora) that I wore last week, and it was a look I also happened to be wearing when I picked up Connor Claire at preschool.

nars ignited palette
The NARS Ignited Palette
nars ignited palette packaging
I like the packaging, too.

Side note: I’ve been trying to wear a wider range of colors than neutral brown lately and to play with different finishes, so I went with warm pinks and purples and reddish browns on my lids, glimmering green and gold on the lower lash line, and a sprinkling of pink and purple glitter.

I wish I were creative enough to dream up this color combo, but I didn’t. The inspiration came from one of my new favorite makeup artists, Piminova, an MUA from Russia. You should check out her stuff when you get a chance. It’s very cool.

Now, back to the subject at hand: sparkling. Normally, I think of glitter as a “going out” accessory, and not something I typically wear on a random Tuesday, but when — not one — but two of the moms stopped me to ask about my makeup, and I realized I might be onto something with the whole fluffy brush thing.

Subtle daytime glitter. It’s life-changing, man!

nars ignited palette k 1

Other things to keep mind when you’re choosing your glitter…

1. Look for something with the finest glitter pieces you can find.

Unofficially, the rule is that the smaller the glitter pieces, the more elegant and wearable the overall effect. Tom Ford makes some great glitters in his palettes, and Urban Decay makes killer single pan glitters (Diamond Dog is a favorite). For this look, I wore a mix of fine pink and purple glitter from NARS Ignited.

2. Be mindful of your lid placement (or, don’t go from lash line to brow bone with the glitter).

The last thing you want to do is dump a whole mess of glitter from your lash line all the way up to your brow bone. It would just be way too much, especially if you’re going to wear the look during the daytime. For most eye shapes, you’ll want to keep the highest concentration on your mobile lid (the part that moves when you blink), and then have it fade as you go up toward your brows. And if you have hooded lids like I do, you can take the highest concentration of glitter slightly higher up than your mobile lid to make it more visible, and then fade it out as you go up, up and upward!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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