The MBB Christmas Self-Care To-Do List

  1. Write Santa a letter listing all of the things you’re grateful for this Christmas (he’s actually a pretty good listener).
  2. Embrace *all* of the moments, even the imperfect ones.
  3. Lavish yourself with love and kindness.
  4. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths. Breathe in the scents of the season — the tree, the ginger cookies, the hot chocolate, the mac and cheese cooking in the microwave… (Yes, microwaving mac and cheese counts.)
  5. Let go of any guilt you’re feeling. You’ve done the best you can, and that’s all you can do.
  6. Ease your expectations.
  7. Talk a walk around your neighborhood to admire the Christmas decorations.
  8. Treat yourself. The season only comes around once a year.
  9. Light your favorite Christmas candle, and pause for a minute to listen — really listen — to your surroundings.
  10. Do one easy thing that’s guaranteed to make you smile. 😊 In my case, it’s watching a cheesy holiday movie, painting my nails, baking something yummy. Any small thing that brings you joy.
  11. Hug your cat (or rather, let your cat hug you, because we all know it’s gotta be their idea).
  12. Spend some quality time with yourself.

Merry Christmas, my friend! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your friendship and for always being there this year, and to remind you to be extra kind to yourself today.

Christmas always turns me into a big mushy ball of cheesy goo (but what else is new?), and I’m sending so much love to you, to your fur family (meow), and to all the lucky people whose lives you touch.

Love you very much,



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