What Are Your Christmas and Holiday Traditions?

Growing up, I never really thought of our Christmas and holiday traditions as being — quote, unquote — “traditions.” They were just the things we did every year without fail…

(Also known as, “traditions.”)

For instance, our family always celebrates on Christmas Eve. We have a big feast, and I’m talking MASSIVE, with special Christmas dishes like honey glazed ham, and Filipino dishes like lumpia (our version of fried egg rolls), pancit (rice noodles with vegetables, chicken and shrimp) and leche flan (caramel custard).

Lumpia (basically, the Filipino version of an egg roll)
Pancit noodles

There’s always enough to feed a small army, and family members stop by throughout the night to say hello, deliver presents, chat and eat.

Back in the day, we’d also go to midnight mass, but now that my parents are in their 70s (and I’m perpetually tired), they prefer to stay in and watch mass on TV.

The wonders of technology, right?

We usually stay up past midnight (or at least to midnight) before we open gifts, have a midnight snack, eat a little more (did I mention that there’s ALWAYS a lot of food?), and eventually everyone passes out at like 2 or 3.

The next day, we sleep in, have a big breakfast, and then everyone hangs out in their pajamas, talks and plays with their new toys.

That’s just how we always do things.

When I first started dating El Hub in the late 1800s (ha ha), I remember being shocked when he told me that his family didn’t do much on Christmas Eve. They would usually go to a Christmas Eve dinner at a relative’s house, and then they’d go home to bed, only to wake up early to open presents on Christmas morning, which totally blew my mind, LOL! I just can’t imagine Christmas without the party the night before, ya know?

Merry Christmas Eve, sweet friend. What are your Christmas and holiday traditions?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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