Awesomeness Alert! Warm Winter Tights to Keep You Toasty

Allow me to rock your world.

Greetings from The Land of No Pants.

No, I’m not just sitting here at my desk with my bum hanging out. I’m wearing these fantastic tights that I can’t believe I just found out about. They’re called the Brushed Sweater Tights, and they’re by a brand called Hue.

Normally, they’re $15, but I got them back on Black Friday for $9.99 each. Also, though, they’re on sale right now on the Macy’s website for $10.50.

These are great! They’re the warmest, most comfy tights in all the land, and they’re really thick. When you slip into them, it’s almost like you’re wearing a cashmere sweater on your legs and booty.

You’d think you’d get overheated, right? Nope. I feel perfectly toasty when I wear these tights, so you will not be sweltering.

Now, of course…I don’t just wear the tights by themselves, so no, I’m not walking around with just tights on, ha ha! I usually wear a dress on top, and then a sweater, and pair them with my khaki Fergie boots. (Which I still love! They’ve held up for years. Props to you, Fergie-Ferg.) OR, I wear them with my over-the-knee Sam Edelman boots, and if it’s extra cold, I’ll add a scarf and a winter coat.

What Nor Cal winter wear looks like…

Granted, here in Northern California, while it does get chilly (~30 degrees), the winters are relatively mild compared to the Midwest and the Northeast, where you have sleet and snowbanks and temps fall well below freezing. I don’t know if I could handle wearing just these tights in a place with extreme winter weather, but maybe if you do live someplace like that, you could wear these underneath your pants for an extra layer of warmth, or you could double up on them, which is what I would probably do, LOL!

hue brushed sweater tights gray 1
Living the no-pants dream

I think they’re great. They retain their snugness throughout the day, too, so they don’t loosen up, and they kinda hold you in… I mean, not as intensely as Spanx or anything, but I do feel a moderate sausage-y effect, which I appreciate.

hue brushed sweater tights gray 1
Super cute with brown suede boots

FYI, it’s been a minute since I’ve worn tights, and it took me a while to figure out which side is the front, because there’s no tag.

Note: The side where you see a single seam going up the middle? That’s the front, and the back has these two seems that sorta cup your butt cheeks. So, if you do end up getting these, let me help you out! That’s how you put them on.

I got them in all three colors — black, brown and gray — and I love them to pieces!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy New Year!!!!!!


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