A Post-Dentist Trip to Ulta for Emotional Decompression

Safe place, safe place!

Oh, babes… You know, you’d think that being an “adult” (“air quotes”) would make things like going to the dentist easier, but it most certainly does not. At least for me.


I went the other day, and I’m not kidding, even though I spent a good three days mentally preparing myself for the two fillings beforehand, I still left the dentist’s office feeling like I had just run back-to-back marathons.

(Let’s just say that there were a few shots involved, moments of sheer panic and lots of clenched muscles.)

By the end of it — an event I’ll characterize as an ordeal — I felt so emotionally drained that I needed to do something to keep it together afterwards, and that something was finding a safe place to LOOK AT MAKEUP. Sooo I made an emotional emergency pit stop to Ulta, which is conveniently located just three minutes away from my dentist’s office in Petaluma.

Side note: I found a new dentist! Now I go to Permalla Dental Care in Petaluma, and Dr. Permalla is fantastic. She’s kind, caring and has endless amounts of patience…even with me, the world’s most anxious and difficult crybaby, HA HA! She uses cool dental techniques to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and out-of-the-box tools like NuCalm to decrease stress. The entire office has a good vibe, and — bonus (well, I think it’s a bonus) — everyone who works there is a woman! And they’re all super nice.

Right before I left the dentist’s office, the doc told me not to eat anything chewy or crunchy for the next few hours because of the numbness, and she didn’t want me to bite my tongue, so of course, me being me, I interpreted this as “I should eat a pint of häagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream,” which I totally did after I got home from Ulta!

While I was there at Ulta, I figured I should look for this $8 dual-ended Clinique mascara (there’s primer on one side and mascara on the other), which my friend Chelsea recommended in the comments, but it was out of stock in the store AND online (BUMMER), so instead, I restocked my favorite conditioning wash by Joico and got a cream shadow palette from Revlon.

Oh, and you know how there’s always that one person looking through every freakin’ bin in the area near the cash wrap where they have all the little extras? THAT WOULD BE ME.

I found a few interesting things there this time, like this big-@ss bag of pink glitter! The glitter pieces were MASSIVE, and dude — if I’d had this during my clubbing days in the ’90s, I probably would’ve just poured the whole thing all over my body from head to toe. Dang, that’s some serious glitter.

Those pieces are massive.

I also saw a product for boob sweat (it’s a thing?!), and my old fave, the UD Naked Basics palette, which I’ve always thought was vastly underrated.

Eventually, I made my way through the store and then back home to my pint of ice cream. Then I fired up a series I started watching on Netflix called You, which is about a guy who stalks a girl and eventually gets her to fall in love with him. Total guilty pleasure!

All I have to say is thank goodness for makeup, ice cream and Netflix!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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