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You guys. I ascribe to the philosophy that if you ever feel like your life is spiraling, get your hair situation worked out, and everything will (probably) be OK.

Ludicrous? Perhaps.

Basically, get your hair outta that fun bun or that high pony and actually DO something with it. Then, fill in your brows, and the world will soon be right again. Hopefully… I mean it can’t hurt.

This held true at the gym the other night where I was wearing one of the new Urban Decay brow products from the Streetstyle Brow collection. Coincidentally, I had my hair down and done (because I hadn’t yet put it into my usual ponytail), and a couple of my friends in the class were like, “You look so nice today! What did you do?” to which I said, “Thank you! Brows and hair, babe. BROWS. AND. HAIR.”

So, obviously, UD’s brow products aren’t going to help you tame your crazy cowlick situation (that’s up to you, girl), but they will help you fill in your brows and make them more voluminous, fluffy and Insta-grammy (if that’s what you’re going for). You can do any brow style you like with something from this new collection of products.

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BROW FINISH Waterproof Brow Gel ($21)

They’ve actually got some really innovative things, too, like this glittery brow gel.

(I know! It sounds absolutely bonkers, but stay with me.)

Essentially, Brow Finish in Midnight Cowboy is a clear gel with golden microglitter in it that you brush through your brows. It’s surprisingly flattering to have something sparkly above the lids. I don’t know the science behind it, but it’s super pretty. Obviously, I wouldn’t rock it to a job interview, but if I’m just tooling around town or going to Petco or a party, it’s good stuff.

By the way, it’s dries to a medium hold, so it isn’t super rigid, and there’s also a clear version called Ozone that doesn’t have the sparkles and also has a little weaker hold.

BROW BLADE Ink Stain + Waterproof Pencil ($26)

I’m also super impressed by their dual-ended Brow Blades, which have a sheer, flexible felt tip marker on one end and a fine brow pencil on the other. You can use each by itself or combine them together.

I think they’re great if you want to fill in your brows and have them still look natural.

Favorite thing about them? The felt tip pen. You can get a decent amount of color into your brows quickly with it, and the color lasts all day long…as long as you aren’t sweating like a mofo. It didn’t last through my HIIT workout at the gym, which was a bummer, but hey, I was dripping in sweat because we were doing the rowing machines, and those things kill me. So I do not blame the brows, LOL!

I would recommend Brow Blade to anybody who wants natural-looking filled-in brows. Also good if you have gaps between your brows, or if you want to extend your brow tails. t’s fabulous.

From Urban Decay:

BROW BLADE Ink Stain + Waterproof Pencil ($26)

A double-ended ink stain and waterproof pencil that gives you microblade definition and precision without the commitment.

Get microblade precision without the commitment—Brow Blade gives you defined, flawless arches that are the definition of brow goals. This double-ended tool is revolutionary; start with the waterproof pencil to shape, shade, and fill in sparse areas, then use the microblade ink stain to create hair-like strokes and add dimension. It’s the ultimate temporary solution for pro-level faux brows. You’re welcome.

Apply to clean skin (without foundation or primer on the area) and start with the pencil, which prevents the ink formula from shifting colors. We suggest applying Brow Finish or All Nighter Setting Spray immediately after Brow Blade application.

BROW ENDOWED Brow Primer + Color ($28)

A double-ended tool that volumizes and sets brows in two easy steps: A primer fluffs and holds, while a tinted cream fills and shapes.

Size matters—give your arches a hit of high volume with Brow Endowed. Perfect for less-than-full brows in need of a little fluffing, this double-ended tool lets you tame, tint, and tease in two steps. Use the soft-hold primer to amp up volume, then gently brush on the tinted brow cream to intensify. Our long-lasting formula resists sweat and smudging for up to 24 hours, so you can get from the conference call to last call without worries.

BROW FINISH Waterproof Brow Gel ($21)

A lightweight, waterproof brow gel that holds your look in place. It’s like brow magic—set it and forget it.

Hold up! Tame those unruly brows and set every hair in place with Brow Finish. This lightweight, waterproof brow gel glides on with a double-sided brush, so you’re set for up to 16 hours. Think of it as All Nighter Setting Spray for your arches. Choose from two shades: Ozone goes on clear for everyday brows, while Midnight Cowboy adds shimmer for more drama.

DOUBLE DOWN BROW Waterproof, Smudge-Proof Brow Putty ($29)

A buildable, waterproof putty duo for multi-dimensional brows that won’t budge.

We created Double Down Brow, our buildable, high-tech putty-to-powder formula, for smudge-proof brows that last up to 16 hours (even through your gym sesh!). Add depth and dimension to your arches—the intensity level is up to you. Shape brows with the putty, then seal in long-lasting, customized color with the powder. The mini double-ended brush is your new BFF–an angled brush on one end and a mini spoolie for blending on the other.

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BROW ENDOWED Brow Primer + Color ($28)

I also like Brow Endowed, another dual-ended product with a primer on one end and a tinted cram on the other, and that primer? — oh, my gosh! It’s got muscle. You can push all the hairs into place and separate each and every one to make your brows look hyper-defined.

So, if you like that “soap brows” look or the look of a fluffy, pushed-up brow, the primer is lovely enough on its own, but you can go next level by brushing in a bit of the brow color on the other end. The brow color just darkens everything and makes the hairs look more full and lush.

If your brows are in pretty good shape as is, and you don’t have any major gaps to fill, so you primarily want to manipulate the hairs to make your brows look fuller, this is what you want.

urban decay brow endowed
Wearing Brow Endowed in Brunette Betty

DOUBLE DOWN BROW Waterproof, Smudge-Proof Brow Putty ($29)

Lastly, the collection also includes something called Double Brow Down, which is a compact containing two shades (a darker and a lighter one) in pans. The formula’s what UD calls “putty to powder,” but to me it just feels like a powder, and I think you can get a similar look with any matte shadow you happen to already have…

Streetstyle Brow comes out soon! Please do me a favor and try glittery brows at least once, because THEY’RE SO FUN.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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