Crazy About Creams! NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color

Neutrals 24/7, 365

This month I am CRAZY ABOUT CREAMS. Stay tuned for some of my favorite cream makeup products all throughout January.

Hey, man, if you’re looking to break your neutral eyeshadow addiction, I 100% can’t help you there. Sorry not sorry to say that the NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Colors ($24) will just throw metaphorical makeup gas on the neutral 🔥 fire, because hello glowing gold, bronze, beige and taupe!

I’m crazy about these creams. They’re smooth enough to spread on toast! They’re like buttah, baby! Once they set, which takes about 30 seconds, you can pretty much forget about touching up for the rest of the day. They’re the creamiest, longest-lasting eyeshadow pencils I own.

nudestix magnetic eye color swatches
Swatches of my favorite shades

Every time I wear one, I wonder if I should just ditch powder eyeshadows completely. Being able to practically paint by numbers and apply shadow with a pencil tip is so much less hit or miss than applying shadow with a brush, since you know EXACTLY where the color’s going, and you’re in complete control. And when you have a hooded lid situation, precise placement is everything.

nudestix magnetic eye color 2
Why, yes, I’ll have a cup.

Oh, you’ve got fine lines, you say? I GOT CHU. These sticks have a light and lovely cream texture, so all you see is color and glow, not a heavy layer of product. This is totally key, babe, since some cream pencil shadows (AHEM, SEPHORA!) look thick and dry on your lids, and nobody wants that.

nudestix magnetic eye color 3
So satisfying…

The colors I wear most are Queen Olive, Smoke, Immortal and Burnish, but really, any of the neutrals, especially the shimmers, will do you right. I usually draw a half-moon shape on my lids (the pencil tip makes it so easy), smooth away the edges with fingers or a brush, then sweep whatever bronzer I’m wearing that day into my crease. Then I’ll line my water and lash lines with MAC Coffee and load up on the mascara (it’s the right thing to do).

Desperately seeking new dinner recipes

I need some new ones. I’ve been cooking the same dinner rotation for the last few weeks, and as good as those Trader Joe’s chicken apple sausages and cauliflower crust cheese pizzas are, I need a break!

Last night I started bookmarking some new dishes to try, and these from Skinnytaste look really delish: chicken avocado soup, cheddar corn chowder with bacon, and Instant Pot Chicken Parmesan. Will someone please make one of these for dinner tonight so I can just show up?? Thank you so much. YOU’RE THE BEST. 😀

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