First Recital/Future Dance Mom

All signs point to yes.

It may be a little too early to stake this claim, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the label “dance mom” is in my near future.

Not in the cray-cray reality TV sense, of course, LOL! I’m not about to launch sordid plots and stir up drama about costumes and choreography.

It’s just that Connor Claire started taking toddler dance lessons at a local studio last fall, and they had their winter recital on Sunday, and man! — the kid’s a total ham. She took to the stage like a duck to water.

The show had it all — a big auditorium with bright lights, loud music and an announcer with a game show voice. Since this was Coywolf’s very first time on a stage in front of lots of people, El Hub and I thought she might cry or go all “deer in the headlights,” but to our surprise, she was totally into it, and when the lights came up and the music started, she started shaking her hips like she meant business.

Even with the sparkly costumes and the lights and the stage, the program was pretty low-key, which I really liked. There were kids of all ages, shapes and sizes (even boys), and even some adults who also attend grownup dance classes. It wasn’t intensely competitive, and it seemed like everyone was having fun.

Mostly, I just want Connor to do something active that she enjoys, ya know? And I’m so happy that she appeared to like her first experience performing.

It sure went differently than my stage experiences did as a kid. Mine were piano recitals, and they were absolutely terrifying because it was just me, a big-@ss grand piano that sounded louder and scarier than the one at my house, no sheet music (we were required to memorize our pieces), and my hella grumpy piano teacher frowning in the wings. Needless to say, I did not look forward to them, and performing on stage was something merely to endure, not to enjoy.

But this dance show seemed like a lot of fun for the kids, and as long as Connor wants to keep doing them, I’ll be there with glitter and hairspray.

Any day you get sequins, a cookie, glitter and a trophy is a good day.

Yeah, I was toting a big-@ss can of Oribe Freestyler Hairspray in my purse, HA HA! I must’ve said “Hairspray and glitter are for special occasion dance performances only, babe. Not for everyday,” about 100 times as I was getting her ready. I have absolutely no plans to “glow up” this child any faster than need be, but since it was a performance, I allowed her a little glitter. She wore a touch of gold Urban Decay Heavy Metal on her lids and peach MAC Dazzleglass.

Thankfully, I was wearing waterproof mascara because I got a little teary… There will hopefully be other recitals and soccer games, and maybe some martial arts tournaments (if El Hub gets his way), but there will never be another “first” recital like this one.

She probably won’t remember any of it at all, but maybe a flash of a memory will get tucked away in her subconscious somewhere so that one day when she needs to draw on some inner strength, she’ll remember a day when she was supported and loved while she wore a sparkly costume and glitter and danced on a stage under a spotlight as her mommy and daddy sat and cheered for her in the middle of the third row.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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