Crazy About Creams! The Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Mattes

Hello, my pretties.

This month I am CRAZY ABOUT CREAMS. Stay tuned for some of my favorite cream makeup products all throughout January.

One of these freakin’ days, man… One of these days after I’ve finally squatted my way to a J. Lo booty (please pause while I send up a short prayer to the booty gods), I’m gonna pop-pop-pop that thing whenever I wear the matte Chantecaille Cream Shadows, because they’re worthy of a booty pop or two. Or 12.

chantecaille mermaid eye mattes swatches
Say what, Karen? You’re an NC42 for reference? NO WAY!

Unfortunately, they have a pearl-clutching price of $34 for a 0.14-oz. jar, which, I know! — so expensive — but if it’s any consolation, French brand Chantecaille has been doing high-end clean beauty since before it was trendy, and with these pots (I use Silvie, Bee and Olivia), I do think you get what you pay for. These things make my lids smoooooooth.

Mind you, these are still cream shadows, so they aren’t a Christmas miracle. Technically, yes, my wrinkles experience lines are definitely still there, but whenever I wear these I find myself wondering where the heck my fine lines went! Trust me, you won’t be mad about it.

chantecaille mermaid eye mattes k
I’m wearing Bee on my lids, Sylvie in my crease and a touch of Olivia on the inner lids. The bronzer/blush is Hourglass Illume in Sunset, and the lip is NUDESTIX Lip + Cheek Pencil in Sin.

I think because Mermaid Matte seems like it’s floating on top of the skin!? It’s weird and cool at the same time. Like, when I pick the cream out of the pot, it feels velvety, like a drier cream consistency that verges on the consistency of a powder. They’re less dense than other cream eyeshadows like the MAC Paint Pots and even the NUDESTIX pencils (which have a decent amount of glide). It reminds me of a stiff whipped cream.

Anyway, this lightness allows Mermaid Matte to almost moonwalk across your lids and hover above your fine lines, as opposed to angrily clinging to them.

And, girl, the blending… No harsh lines, ever. These take a few minutes to set, so you have enough time to adjust your edges.

Lastly, the finish, which is more like a matte with a satin chaser, so the shadows glow just a smidgen. There’s nothing stark or harsh here. Just flattering, neutral colors that lay perfectly smooth on your skin.

chantecaille mermaid eye mattes 1

Chantecaille has five shades in the Mermaid Eye Matte line, and I hope they add more. *booty shake*

We’re almost there!

It’s Thursday (hello, Thursday!), and by this point in the week I’m usually at the peak of my tiredness, so I do things like belt out “One day more!” around the house like I’m an extra in Les Miserables, ’cause if you don’t amuse yourself, who will? 🙂

One more time. One more day, ONE. DAY. MORE!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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