Saturday Surfing, January 19th, 2019

Morning, friend.

So…movies. I’m at the point in life where it takes me three days to finish watching a movie at home. I’ll watch them in bite-sized chunks on my couch, a few minutes here and there between loads of laundry and making dinner.

Last night I finished a good one called Eighth Grade, and it only took me two days! Could this be progress?? Maybe by summer I’ll be back to actually finishing a movie in a day, ha ha!

But I digress…

I liked this one a lot. It’s fictional, but it’s very true to what I remember being an eighth grader was like. The main character, Kayla, perfectly captures the awkwardness and hopefulness I remember feeling throughout middle school.

Those years were rough, man! And can I just say bravo to the filmmakers for featuring a main character with acne and eighth graders who actually look and act like eighth graders? Even though the movie is set in 2017, it still captures how I remember feeling back then. All the memories came flooding back! — the feeling of being on the edge of something, not quite a child but not yet a teenager either.

Give it a shot if you have some time this weekend. I found it on Amazon Prime.

But before you press ‘play,’ your weekend reading…

What happens when you Konmari a massive makeup collection…

Because I’m listening to Lizzo 24/7 right now

And because I still secretly believe Keanu and I will be married someday

Yes, THAT Keanu.

Oh, yeah, one more thing about that movie (Eighth Grade)… I’m no longer allowed to use young people slang, because I had to google “Why do kids say Gucci?” HA HA! I’m officially one step closer to retreating to the tomb in my pyramid with all of my cats and worldly belongings.

Have a good one!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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