Crazy About Creams! Say Hi to MAC Pro Face Palette Blush

Oh, ya know, just some Casual Colour with the $40 MAC Pro Face Palette: Bright Blush.

This month I am CRAZY ABOUT CREAMS. Stay tuned for some of my favorite cream makeup products all throughout January.

I know I’ve mentioned the MAC Casual Colours before. They’re brilliant. They’re creamy. They’ve popped up in limited collections before (Beth Ditto, Mia Moretti and Diane Kendall, to name a few). You can wear them on your cheeks and lips, and now MAC has them in three options — Bright Blush, Deep Blush and Light Blush.

To this, all I have to say is YES.

mac pro face palette deep blush
MAC Pro Face Palette: Deep Blush ($40)

Well, obvs, that’s not all I have to say, ha! 🙂 Hello, my name is Karen, and my ability to get straight to the point is questionable.

I will also say this: If you’re a makeup lover who likes fresh, shiny cheeks and plump, juicy lips, you’ll probably appreciate Casual Color’s semi-glossy finish and creamy texture.

These palettes are a go-to when I’m wearing a sheer base (bare skin, BB or CC cream, or a tinted moisturizer), because the semi-glossy finish goes well with minimal coverage.

The trick is to gently tap-tap-tap the tiniest amount (either with your fingers or a stippling brush) you can get away with because these creams are very concentrated. You only need the most minimal of minimal amounts.

Once you figure out how little you can get away with, you’ll be rewarded with surprisingly good wear time. I get about five hours on my cheeks and three on my lips.

mac pro face palette swatches
Arm status: NC42

Also, when you’re using the Casual Colours as blush, apply them immediately after your tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream, because if you wait until your base has fully set, the creams will disrupt whatever you’re wearing beneath them. Don’t wait for your base to dry down completely; ideally, for the smoothest application, you want your Casual Color to go on top of a base or skin that’s still a little wet.

You can find these treasures on the MAC website, MAC counters and in stores.

Sick day

Connor Claire, a.k.a. “the coywolf,” caught a new cold, so I’m doing my work while she rests.

I’m also doing my best to not catch said cold myself, although I’m at the point now where I kinda just wish she’d sneeze in my eye already to get it over with, LOL.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. If you’re around, come say hi. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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