Saturday Surfing, January 26th, 2019

Hello, Saturday!

Rise and shine, morning glory! So…I was just about to type a giddy sentence about how wonderful and joyous this cup of coffee ☕ is, and how much I cherish its preciousness, and then I realized… Wow, I’ve been talking about coffee A LOT lately. Between my favorite MAC liner and the copious quantities of coffee I’ve been consuming and babbling on and on about to keep me semi-functional during the waking hours, I guess this is natural. 🤷

I haven’t reached Lorelei/Rory Gilmore coffee addiction levels (yet), but I can see where this train is headed, and I question whether anything can stop it.

For now, I’m just gonna roll with it! 😺

About that, I found a delicious coffee at Trader Joe’s yesterday! If you like super buttery, smooth coffee, try their Coffee in Light Roast sometime.


I’m off to go pour myself another cup. while I do that, here’s a little light weekend reading for you…

Maaaan, I wish I knew these moves back when I was dating. The club one would’ve been so handy!


I’ll do whatever it takes to bring in the good energy.

Good first song of the day.

What’s on your agenda for this weekend, friend?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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