How To Use Men’s Tinted Moisturiser

Whether you’re new to men’s makeup or have been dabbling in the art for some time, tinted moisturisers will certainly seem appealing. Seen as a much more subtle version of face foundation, these multi-action face creams boast a great array of skin care and cosmetic benefits. Whilst men’s foundation cloaks the skin in colouring pigment and typically offers fuller coverage, tinted moisturisers on the other hand, are much more subtle and easier to apply.

If you’re looking to naturally enhance your skin tone, whilst creating a healthy holiday look, tinted moisturiser is definitely the way forward. In fact, if you’re wanting to subtly improve your skin’s appearance with a product that’s easy to get to grips with – this form of male cosmetic product certainly ticks that box too!

Making the most of tinted moisturiser for men is actually very easy. Simply follow the below extremely effective men’s makeup routine and look forward to a healthier glow in seconds. Tinted moisturiser is your perfect bathroom antidote for the effects that these cold winter months have on your skin.


Cleansing should be an important step in every guy’s skin care regime. Aside from dislodging dirt and impurities that lay deep within the skin, it also helps tackle the rise of blemishes that can bog down your complexion. Use MMUK MAN’s Botanical Cleansing Lotion every day, to get your skin in the best shape possible.


After you’ve cleansed, it’s very important to swipe away any dislodged oil, dirt and toxins with a men’s facial toner. Men’s skin toner’s also cool and soothe the skin and prepare it perfectly for the application of tinted moisturiser. Use MMUK MAN’s Botanical Firming Toner for the very best results.


Before you move onto the good stuff, you may wish to deploy a men’s concealer in your brand new and upgraded regiment. Simply dab MMUK MAN’s Concealer Stick over any skin blemishes, spots, marks and even scars for the very best results. A little tip from the makeup for men experts: Dab a little concealer under the eyes to banish bags and dismiss dark circles, perfect if you’ve just had one of those never-ending weeks.

Finish In Style

Apply five or six pea size dots of tinted moisturiser around your face, before taking a slightly dampened makeup sponge and blending them in in circular motions. Remember to always work outwards from the centre of your face and pay close attention to crevices on your face. It’s also important to blend in a dabbing motion into your hair line and any facial hair that you may have. Tinted moisturiser can work well with stubble too and with a couple of practices, you’ll soon be looking red carpet ready.

There are several good quality men’s tinted moisturisers on the market, matching the growing popularity of this male cosmetic category. We recommend MMUK MAN’s BB Cream Tinted Moisturiser, as it has a great variety of colours to match ever man’s skin tone. Very good stand ins also include Recipe For Men’s Energising Bronze Cream and MYEGO’s Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer.


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