Crazy About Creams! Clarins Creams

When cream dreams come true…

This month I am CRAZY ABOUT CREAMS. Stay tuned for some of my favorite cream makeup products all throughout January.

Just to clarify, this is a joke:

And this is NOT a joke:

clarins cream
Good stuff!

(Side note: Thank you, Internet, for making me 😂 laugh every single day.)

I’d be remiss to not include my favorite face creams in this series, and… —–>these babies by Clarins ARE NOT PLAYIN’. I always keep at least one jar around because whenever my combo skin starts feeling tight and dry and painful and just plain WEIRD, Clarins is there to rescue me, man. I dab a little on my skin (you don’t need a lot, thank goodness, because these jars, while decently sized, are still expensive), and my tight spots always feel instantly better.

French luxe line Clarins has been around forever, and while the brand may not be as buzzy as Drunk Elephant or Glossier at the moment, I know I can always count on their marvelously moisturizing creams to NOT break me out — and, seriously, EVERYTHING makes me break out.

Also, while I’m using an acid AHA or BHA toner or an anti-aging retinol cream, the Clarins face creams wonderfully counterbalance any aggressive exfoliating products. When I consistently use a Clarins cream, the texture of my skin also looks smoother, as in no dry or scaly patches in sight.

Every single Clarins face cream I’ve ever used layers like a dream beneath makeup, too. They’re the kind of creams that feel thick and rich, so you’d think they’d consequently melt any makeup you layered on top, but nope. They don’t.

FYI, every Clarins cream I’ve ever tried has been scented, and I like the notes (particularly peony and fresh pear). I don’t think the scents are overwhelming, but if you’re sensitive to scented products, definitely give them a sniff first. You should be able to track them down almost anywhere — at Macys, Nordstrom, Ulta, Sephora.

Clarins has several versions of their face cream, each to target a specific issue, and I’ve cycled through a few of them at one time or another. My favorites are the Extra-Firming creams (in the peach jars) and the Hydra-Essential creams (blue jars). Extra-Firming is their plumping line for “wrinkle control” (Not a fan of that phrase, though… As if one could exert one’s will over wrinkles, ha!), and it’s pricier. I don’t have deep wrinkles experience lines at the moment. but I do notice that when I use this cream, my skin, temporarily at least, looks pumped up and fresh for most of the day.

The line with the blue jar, Hyra-Essential, is for straight-up moisture, and I’ve used Hydra-Essentiel Rich for Very Dry Skin for years in the winter!

Speaking of winter, my friends in the Midwest have been posting pics of the Arctic ❄️❄️❄️ weather they’re seeing there now. Stay safe (and warm, oy!).

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