How To Look Younger In My 40’s?

Hi – I am almost 42, male Caucasian and have pretty good skin (he says, modestly). I exfoliate often and moisturise daily – however I’ve noticed recent signs of ageing on my nose, (and other small not too noticeable areas of skin), either blemish spots, small red veins and just a general ‘hey you’re getting old!’ look. I’ve never worn make up so looking for something that will cover the area of skin and not be glaringly obvious that I’m wearing something. If that exists?

I also have no idea what tone I need to buy? Im quite dark; olive tones and I tan by just looking at the sun – often people think Im Spanish. I really should stop wearing that flamenco dress, huh. The last concealer stick I bought from Boots was a RIMMEL ‘dash in, grab something’ dash out’ job – and basically its about 2 shades wrong for my face – so my spots and dark circles are now the most obvious thing on my face.

Please help me to look 13 again. No pressure….Thank you. Rich

Good morning Rich,

It’s lovely to hear from you and thank you for your e-mail.

I’m very confident I can help and whilst I can’t promise to make you look 13 again, I’ll certainly be able to help you roll back the years. I’d like to suggest two products to you that make up a very simple and easy to master routine. You don’t want to be spending ages getting your face ready for the day, nor do you want your products to look obvious.

The first thing I’d recommend is our BB cream, which is a light balm you can apply over your face to really freshen up your skin and give it a more youthful look. This cream offers great coverage to the skin without looking fake or feminine in the slightest. The best bit about the BB Cream is that it moisturises and hydrates the skin in the background, all whilst targeting little blemishes and leading to their removal. It’s not a miracle cream, but it’s the closest thing that you’ll get.

To finish, a dab of our Age Defence Under Eye Concealer, which contains collagen. One of the main reason you’ll notice the appearance of dark circles is because of a faster breakdown in collagen within your skin, which in turn makes the thin layer of skin beneath your eyes look dull and fatigued earlier in your day. Whilst, I’d be a millionaire if I knew how to stop this process, it is unfortunately a fact of getting older. Step forward the Age Defender Concealer, which contains collagen to help restore your skin’s balance and natural defence against dark circles and eye bags. Simply dab this concealer under your eyes and blend in with your finger tip to finish off your routine and you’ll notice them look a lot brighter and more importantly rejuvenated.

I’m very confident that these two product will work great for you and like many men, you may wish to send in a recent photograph of yourself so I can advise on the best colours to choose.



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