Dreaming of Spring at DSW

The sun came out yesterday for the first day in a loooong time, and I was able to walk outside without a sweater, a sweatshirt, a coat and a raincoat. ‘TWAS GLORIOUS. I could actually put my arms down without feeling like Randy from A Christmas Story in his snowsuit.

Every person I ran into yesterday said something along the lines of, “The sun is out! Let us bow down and worship it!”

Yeah, I’m exaggerating, but we Californians are nuts. 😂

It wasn’t quite warm enough to wear sandals outside yet (unless you’re one of those dudes who wears Tevas in a snowstorm), but the Coywolf and I still stopped to smell the flowers and the new spring shoes as DSW.

I love tennies with cute animal prints, and there were plenty of puppy patterns for all the #crazydogladies.

Are dressy flip-flops a thing? Because they should be. These Kate Spade slippers fit the bill. I like them, but I can’t spend $70 an a pair of fancy flip-flops, ya know?

To clarify: I really want to…but I can’t. If they go on sale, though? That’s another story! 😀

I haven’t worn a proper high heel in three years, but I liked this navy and tan Clarks of England sandal and this Dr. Scholl’s sandal. The heels don’t seem obnoxiously high…

I also thought these Naturalizer tennies in pink and taupe were cute, but I can’t figure out if one is supposed to wear socks with them. The mesh is see-through, so I assume you’re supposed to forgo the socks, but then maybe the mesh is there so you can show off your socks?

Now that’s the universal question, isn’t it? To wear socks, or not to wear socks. Hmm…

Speaking of socks, there were lots of cute ones!

Props to whoever organized this display, because I would have placed the coffee socks next to the doughnut ones too, ha ha ha!

How about a strappy sandal to show off a cute spring/summer pedicure?

I’m so ready to be warm again. It’s not even funny!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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