10-Minute Makeup Must-Haves: Clinique Lots O’ Latte

Clinique Chubby Stick in Lots O’ Latte (and yes, I like a little coffee with my milk, ha ha ha!)

The 10-Minute Makeup Must-Haves series shows off some of *the best* makeup for speedy (but sensational!) skin, eyes, cheeks and lips.

I swear to you…I don’t just love the Clinique Lots O’ Latte ($18.50) cream shadow stick because it’s named after a coffee drink, although that might have a bit to do with it.

clinique lots o latte
Clinique Lots O’ Latte on my lids — and that’s it! Also, Clinique Pretty Easy Liner on my lash lines and the new MAC curling mascara on my lashes.

Mostly, I like wearing this semi-sheer neutral golden taupe because it makes my lids glow with a lovely luminous sheen.

If Fuller Fudge is my Clinique cream shadow for sultry and smoky lids, then Lots O’ Latte is the one I wear for polished and professional. Like with Fuller Fudge, when you swipe it directly on your lids, then quickly blend it with your finger or a fluffy domed brush like a 217, then add liner and mascara, your eye makeup is DONE.

I think it totally works well for big nights out, too. Just add false lashes and a bright lip. Side note: You can pretty much wear it with any warm or cool lipstick of your choice, which is another added bonus.

clinique lots o latte swatch
Swatch out for this NC42 arm!

clinique lots o latte
Rare moment when I don’t look like a woman who just accidentally dropped lipstick in the toilet…

My eyelids are dry, and when I wear Lots O’ Latte, I get about eight hours of wear with the shadow slowly fading over the course of the day. It’ll disappear a little into my crease, but I’m fine with that because even though it gets a little faded, it doesn’t look messy to me. Plus, I like how even more luminous my lids look as the day goes on. If your lids are oily, though, set it with a powder eye shadow to keep it from moving. MAC Satin Taupe looks great with it, as do the golden browns from my quad crush, Estée Lauder Defiant Nude.

You may have noticed that I’ve been talking about Clinique makeup a lot lately. This is because, basically, I feel like I’ve unearthed a buried treasure trove of great makeup for quickie 10-minute looks that has been there all along, but I just never really understood the power of the products until now!

There are so many brands out there coming up in the minimal makeup space in the wake of all the “Instagram much-ness” over the last few years, with brands like Wander Beauty and NUDESTIX putting the focus firmly on products designed to help you get your face paint on quickly, while creating a polished look. Clinique is the O.G., though.

You can find Lots O’Latte at Clinique in the permanent line, where it’s $18.50 a stick.

Seriously, run and grab it. It’s beautiful!

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