Spellbound by MAC Strip Down: Mehr Matte Lipstick

Mad about Mehr

Meet some of my favorite MAC nude shades this week from the MAC Strip Down collection.

DUDE, the world is your oyster when it comes to nude lipsticks. I mean, there are so many out there, right? But you know, when I think about the old-school, original nude lip look, I think of MAC.

I started wearing MAC in the ’90s, and that’s when I became aware that nude lips were totally a thing.

MAC has created so many iconic colors — colors that everybody rips off. Hello, old-school Whirl? We all know that Kylie was “deeply inspired” by it (don’t worry, I won’t go off on a Kardashi-tangent!).

I think MAC has some of the best of the best nude lipsticks because they have so many matches for the multitude of subtly different shades of bare lips out there, and you can see this in their “new-ish” nude lip collection, Strip Down, which is on the MAC site right now.

I call it new-ish because the first time I saw the product list, I thought, “Oh, I know Whirl!” and “Check out Paramount!” The collection is all about re-promotes, and most of them are O.G. greats.

mac mehr lipstick
Love ya, Mehr

I’m wearing one of them today: Mehr. It’s a matte brownish rose with a tinge of blue, and you might remember it from the 2010 Mickey Contractor collection. (Can’t believe that was almost 10 years ago… It literally feels like yesterday to me.)

Mehr falls along the lines of Velvet Teddy, but it’s pinker and not as beige. It’s also cooler-toned than Whirl, which is also similar, but more brown.

mac mehr swatch
You know who’s an NC42 here…?

Mehr is one of my favorite matte nudes. It’s a throw-on-and-go color, and it reads as a mid-toned nude pink on my NC42 skin.

Here it is on lighter skin and darker skin (fast forward to 2:11 for the swatch). It looks really good when you do a pink on the lid (I’m wearing MAC Glitz Please here on my lids) and a warm orange brown like Soft Brown or Texture in the crease.

Oh, and the MAC Matte Lipstick formula is impeccable, man. I think MAC tweaked it over the last few years because it had been thick and heavy and intensely drying back in the day, but their Matte Lipsticks are really smooth now and aren’t drying at all. I have dry lips to start with, and these don’t bother me.

The formula doesn’t settle into lip lines either, and it lasts for hours.


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